Who Is Alec in the Last of Us? When Did Joel Murder Alec?

Ellie encounters David, the leader of a small village, in episode 8 of The Last of Us, and learns that Joel killed one of his men, Alec. David is the leader of a close-knit group in the city of Silver Lake.

David, a preacher, reads a passage from the Bible to calm his people and, in particular, Alec's daughter. Eventually in the episode, David runs across Ellie while she's out hunting deer, and he tells Ellie the full story of how Alec died.

Ellie doesn’t trust David & his friend James, but when it comes to making a bargain, she offers to give them half of the deer she has hunted in exchange for medicines. David stays with Ellie while James goes to get medicine.

He tells her about his history, explaining that he believes there's a meaning behind every event. Ellie thinks David's explanation of the coincidence to be ludicrous, but she lets him continue.

David shares that he and his neighbors have had a difficult winter. He has transferred four of his employees to the adjacent towns in search of supplies as they are having great difficulty cultivating anything.

Only three of the four returned. Alec, the father of a little girl just like Ellie, didn't. It was revealed that a crazed man was responsible for Alec's death; this individual was also accompanying a little girl on their journey.

Ellie figures out that David is referencing the man Joel murdered. James unexpectedly appears, but David has pity and lets Ellie escape with the medicine.

When Did Joel Murder Alec?

Episode 6 of The Last of Us featured Joel and Ellie's search for the Fireflies at Eastern Colorado University. They discovered nothing but monkeys when they arrived.

A route chart suggests the Fireflies are on their way to Salt Lake City. As David's group arrived, Joel and Ellie had already left to do the same. The presence of bats and other weaponry led Joel and Ellie to conclude that these people are pirates.

While David's crew makes a circuit around the campus, Joel and Ellie make a hasty exit through the building's hidden exit. Ellie and Joel are walking to their horse when suddenly Alec jumps out and assaults Joel.

Joel strangles Alec with a firm grip around the neck. Alec was still able to stab Joel in the struggle. David's other followers arrive to save Alec; they attack Joel and Ellie, who flee on horseback.

Will David Take Revenge on Alec?

James's desire to kill Ellie was fueled by his realization that she and Joel are to blame for Alec's death. Nonetheless, David had compassion for Ellie because he recognised aspects of himself in her.

As David let one of Alec's killers go free, the residents of Silver Lake became cold to him. David promised them that they would investigate Ellie's tip and find the killer of Alec. Alec was mid-sentence when his daughter cut him off with a demand that he kills Joel and Ellie.

David hits her and tells her that he is like her father and that she should listen to him and treat him with respect even if she no longer has her father. A little while later, David's crew manages to round up Ellie.

Some of his men are returning Ellie to Silver Lake, while others are still on the lookout for Joel. After finally defeating them, Joel travels to Silver Lake, where David continues his dogged pursuit of Ellie's allegiance.

After learning that David and his people engage in cannibalism, Ellie takes advantage of any opportunity to flee. In the end, Sarah and David are fighting in a burning steakhouse, and she murders him by slicing off his throat with a butcher knife.

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