Who Has the Most Oscars: Find Out Who’s Won the Most Academy Awards and More!

Last year, Chloe Zhao became the first woman of color to win Best Director for her film Nomadland, which also took home the award for Best Picture. This year, films like Belfast, Dune, Licorice Pizza, The Power of the Dog, and many more are up for awards.

The first Oscars were held in 1929, making them almost 100 years old. Since then, there have been a lot of wins that honor the best on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent in the entertainment business.

But who can say with pride that they have won the most Oscars? Which actors, directors, and screenwriters have won the most Oscars, and which movie has won the most? Here's all the information you need.

Which Film Has Won the Most Oscars of All Time?

Who Has the Most Oscars

Ben-Hur (1959), Titanic (1997), and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (1983), all of which won 11 Oscars, have the record for most Oscars (2003). Titanic got 14 nominations, which was the most of any of these movies.

Who is the Person With the Most Oscars?

Who Has the Most Oscars

Walt Disney is the only person in history who has won more Oscars than anyone else. The most famous American filmmaker ever won a total of 26 Oscars, four of which were honorary. He also has 59 nominations, which is the most ever.

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Who Has Gotten the Most Acting Oscars?

Katharine Hepburn is the actress who has won the most Oscars for acting. Over the course of her career, she has won four Oscars and been nominated 12 times.

Hepburn won Oscars for her roles in the movies Morning Glory (1933), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), The Lion in Winter (1968), and On Golden Pond (1969).

Who Has the Most Oscars

The three men who have won the most acting Oscars are Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Walter Brennan. Each of them has won three times.

Brennan and Nicholson both won some awards for best supporting actor, but all of Day-wins Lewis's were for best leading actor, making him the winner with the most wins in that category.

Who is the Most Nominated Actor at the Oscars?

Meryl Streep has gotten 21 acting nominations over the course of her career, which is the most of anyone. She has won three times, for the movies Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), Sophie's Choice (1982), and The Iron Lady (1990).

Who Has the Most Oscars

Streep was also nominated for The Deer Hunter, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Silkwood, Out of Africa, Ironweed, A Cry in the Dark, Postcards from the Edge, The Bridges of Madison County, One True Thing, Music of the Heart, Adaptation, The Devil Wears Prada, Doubt, Julie & Julia, August: Osage County, Into the Woods, Florence Foster Jenkins, and The Post.

Who Has Won the Most Oscars for Directing?

John Ford's well-known Westerns didn't win him any of his four Oscars. Instead, he won the Best Director award for The Informer (1935), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), How Green Was My Valley (1941), and The Quiet Man (1942).

Who Has the Most Oscars

Even though Ford has won the most Oscars of any director, William Wyler has been nominated for the most awards in this field. He has been nominated 12 times, and three of them have won him awards. Ford was nominated for a total of five awards, which is an impressive rate of success.

Which British Person Has Won the Most Oscars?

Who Has the Most Oscars

John Barry is the only Brit who has won more Oscars than he has. He has won a total of five Oscars: two for Born Free in 1966, and one each for Lion in Winter, Out of Africa, and Dances with Wolves (1990).

Who Has Won the Most Oscars for Screenwriting?

Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, and Paddy Chayefsky are the only people to have won three Oscars for writing a screenplay.

Who Has the Most Oscars

But Allen has the most Oscars for Best Original Screenplay for his movies Annie Hall (1977), Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), and Midnight in Paris (1989).

Who From Britain Has Won the Most Academy Awards?

Who Has the Most Oscars

That would be Daniel Day-Lewis, who won for My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood, and Lincoln. The actor was also nominated for Oscars for his roles in Gangs of New York, In the Name of the Father, and Phantom Thread.

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