Who are the Biggest Prospects from the Michigan Wolverine’s Football Team?

The Michigan Wolverines are the official football team of the University of Michigan. Playing in the NCAA Division I Subdivision, the Wolverines are one of the most popular college football teams and one of the most celebrated.

NFL clubs monitor college teams closely, looking to spot the best-emerging talent and ensuring they manage to secure them when the draft comes around. Who are the biggest prospects in the Michigan Wolverines? Let’s find out.

J. J. McCarthy

J. J. McCarthy is the Wolverines’ top quarterback and has become something of a talisman for the team. He joined the side in 2022 and quickly established himself as one of the most important players, starting every game since his arrival.

McCarthy has developed a strong positive relationship with his fellow teammates, particularly the running backs and the offensive line. As a result, the team as a whole has gelled perfectly, with McCarthy acting as the glue that holds it all together.

His performances and winning mentality haven’t gone unnoticed. He is widely expected to be named in the 2024 NFL draft, and has even been ranked in the top 10 best picks due to his attributes.

Blake Corum

While quarterbacks tend to generate the most attention and excitement, they are by no means the only position to pay attention to when analysing college teams.

Running back Blake Corum has been a shining star in the Michigan Wolverines, despite an injury cutting short his junior season. In 2022, Corum scored 19 touchdowns with over 1,400 rushing yards. He won the Pro Football Focus title and the Heisman Trophy, cementing him as one of the team’s most exciting young players.

As long as Corum’s injury problems don’t return, he will be a top target for NFL teams and, for the time being, he will continue to be a vitally important player for the Wolverines, making them a strong favourite for trophies on 32 Bet.

Kris Jenkins

To be a successful defensive tackle, a player needs a rare combination of strength, size, power, aggression and intelligence. Kris Jenkins has these attributes in abundance, which is why he is regarded as one of the Wolverines’ biggest talents.

Kris Jenkins’ father was also a famous player, and the son looks set to follow in his footsteps. Finding a defensive tackle who has everything in his locker can be incredibly difficult, which is why we can expect Kris Jenkins to be one of the most in-demand players if he is named in the 2024 draft.

Will Johnson

It took Will Johnson until week nine of his inaugural Michigan Wolverines season to become a starter. However, he had already been recognised by pundits and analysts, a testament to the skill and power of this exciting young cornerback.

At the end of his first Wolverines season, Johnson had made 27 successful tackles and three interceptions, including two in a title-clinching win against Purdue. With instinctive tackling ability coupled with impeccable game intelligence, Johnson is undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects in the Wolverines squad.

Zak Zinter

Last up on our list of the hottest Wolverines prospects is Zak Zinter. He has been one of the team’s most impressive offensive guards for three years, and is widely tipped for an imminent move to the NFL.

Last year, Zinter was integral to the Wolverines achieving two back-to-back Joe Moore Award victories, and his skills and determination mean he will likely be a target for several top NFL teams.


The Michigan Wolverines are known for producing fantastic talent, and their current roster of players is no exception. McCarthy, Corum, Jenkins, Johnson and Zinter are among the team’s most exciting players and could well be making a move to the NFL very soon.


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