Whitney Wisconsin Death Rumors: Woman Detained for Producing Pornographic Videos!

The internet has been rife with rumors about Whitney Wisconsin's death. Should we assume Wisconsin has died? In 2018, Whitney Wisconsin, a lady from Wisconsin, was accused of creating pornographic material.

One of her victims called the police, and they eventually arrested her. Amy Lynn Lew, better known as Whitney Wisconsin, has amassed a sizable fan base through her several online profiles.

The young woman's posts may violate several sites' sexual activity policies. Many are wondering if the woman is still alive or has passed away. Let's see how much of the rumor is actually accurate.

Whitney Wisconsin Death: Is She Alive Or Dead?

It would seem like Whitney Wisconsin is doing fine. No formal report on the matter has been released as of yet. In addition, it could be the latest in a series of elaborate frauds involving the dead.

There are no recent posts on her social media accounts, however, she did share an Instagram photo in January. Whitney Wisconsin, as Amy Lynn Lew, is still very much with us.

On February 23, 2023, the lady also Tweeted some information. Whitney Wisconsin's death has been reported online before, unfortunately. A similar rumor generated a lot of interest in 2021.

Some of her followers were concerned enough to question, “Rumor on the internet is that Whitney died; What's the truth?” One Twitter user stated of her there, “She is literally active.”

Someone else chimed in, “Lynn is alive and well.” Therefore, it is prudent to wait for the official report rather than believing the rumors circulating online.

Whitney Wisconsin Was Arrested for Making Pornographic Videos

The year 2018 saw the arrest of Whitney Wisconsin on charges of producing pornographic material. She was initially apprehended in May 2017 and extradited to Wisconsin, where she allegedly made various inappropriate items for local businesses.

Two counts of lewd and Lascivious behavior, one point of slander, and two counts of disorderly conduct were found to be true for Whitney Wisconsin by a jury on June 12.

Amy Lynn Lew was ordered to refrain from using the pornographic alias “Whitney Wisconsin” or any other online or social media platforms as part of her probation, as reported by Leader-Telegram.

She was also barred from having any contact with Starbucks, Oakwood Mall, Kwik Trip, or her victim or co-defendant, who had reported her to the police. Amy Lynn was prohibited from using any electronic devices that could take photographs as part of her probation.

Lew was also required to get a mental health evaluation and follow the advice of the professional who conducted it. Amy Lynn Lew's arrest was requested by the Eau Claire Police Department.

Eau Claire police said that Lew and her boyfriend made and sold pornographic videos to adult websites at many local businesses. After her victim went to the police, Amy Lynn Lew, aka Whitney Wisconsin, was arrested and charged with making pornographic material. ‘

In Eau Claire County Court, Whitney Wisconsin was charged with two charges of misdemeanor lewd and lascivious behavior and three counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Adult websites and other online sources also helped the Eau Claire Police Department identify Whitney and her boyfriend as suspects.

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