While Out in Public, Justin Bieber Grilled His Wife Hailey About What She Loves Most About Being His Wife.

If you want to give your spouse a boost of validation-seeking enthusiasm, ask them to privately list the things they enjoy most about being with you. To put it bluntly, asking them the same question in front of an international audience feels like a flex; just look at Justin Bieber, who appears to be pouring relationship confidence all over Hailey Bieber in her new cover interview with Vogue Australia.

Justin pretended to be a reporter and spoke with Hailey himself. The headline of the article in Vogue Australia boasts that Justin had never interviewed Hailey before, so he took advantage of the occasion to get her to speak publicly about how wonderful it is to be married to him.

After being asked a number of PR-heavy questions about Hailey's skincare firm, Rhode, Justin seemed to abruptly change the subject to chat about the couple's personal life after remarking on how inspiring it has been to see Hailey establish the business as her husband.

Basically, he shared one awesome fact about being married to Hailey and then gave her the opportunity to do the same. After much thought, Hailey came to the conclusion that spending so much time with Justin Bieber is the best part of being married to him.

It is exactly what everyone who spent the “Baby” era wallpapering their room in Tiger Beat posters of Justin would have predicted was the best part of Bieber's matrimony. “Mmm … As cliche as it sounds, the best part of being married to my husband is the camaraderie we share “, she remarked.

“Sincerely, no one else compares to you as my best buddy in the entire world. There isn't anyone else I'd rather do anything with or spend time with.” Magazine covers are generally planned months in advance, so the interview must have taken place before the Biebs' most recent round of drama with Selena Gomez.

Once upon a time, there was a rumor of Hailey and Justin's divorce, if you want to read that, please click here.

Yet, the timing after the escalation of said controversy to the point where Hailey restricted her Instagram comments and Selena announced a social media break still has clap-back vibes. Logic tells us it's a coincidence, but it sure seems like the cosmos has a personal vendetta against Selena, Justin, and Hailey.

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