Which Is the Richest City in the World? About Top Richest Cities

Data reveal that numerous people are striking it richer in today’s globalized market than previously. Many developing countries are turning their capital cities into futuristic metropolises.

In contrast, there is a little variation in the trend for developed nations where ultra-high net worth individuals are migrating to smaller cities seeking a lifestyle change and being close to nature.

1. New York City

The city has a total wealth of $2.9 trillion. The central business district and the world's wealthiest city. More than 370,000 HNWIs, as well as 805 centi-millionaires and 62 billionaires, reside in the United States of America.

richest city in the world

Additionally, the world's two major stock exchanges are located here (Dow Jones and NASDAQ). There is a significant amount of wealth outside of New York City in places like Greenwich and the North Shore of Long Island.

2. San Francisco Bay area

The city/area has a total wealth of US$2.6 trillion. San Francisco and the ‘Silicon Valley region are included in the San Francisco Bay Area.

richest city in the world

The affluent cities of Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, and Atherton are located in Silicon Valley, which is home to a huge number of IT millionaires. It is expected that this area will pass New York City in population by the year 2030.

3. Tokyo

US$2.5 trillion is the city's total wealth. The financial capital of Japan, Tokyo, is home to the world's third-largest stock exchange.

richest city in the world

4. London

The city has a total wealth of US$2.3 trillion. Knightsbridge and Belgravia, two of the world's most prestigious addresses for HNWIs and billionaires, may be found here.

richest city in the world

Viewing Hyde Park, Regents Park, or Hampstead Heath from a home or apartment is a particularly rich option. Please check out Webster Pacific's heat map to view the city's wealthiest neighborhoods.

5. Beijing

The city has a total wealth of $2.0 trillion. The headquarters of many of China's top corporations can be found in Beijing, the country's capital city.


6. Shanghai

The city has a total wealth of US$1.8 trillion. Known as the “Financial Capital of China,” Shanghai is home to the world's fourth-largest stock exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (after Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and Tokyo).

7. Los Angeles

One trillion dollars' worth of money is stored in the city's coffers. In addition to the ‘City of Los Angeles,' our data includes Malibu, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills as well as their surrounding areas.

richest city in the world

8. Sydney

The city's total wealth is estimated at $1 trillion. Known as one of the world's fastest-growing financial centers Darling Point, Bellevue Hill, Point Piper, Vaucluse, Double Bay, Mosman, Longueville, and Dover Heights are some of Sydney's most affluent neighborhoods.

Financial services, professional services, retail, media, and real estate are among the city's most important industries.

9. Chicago

The city has a total wealth of US$1 trillion. The economy is highly diversified. Strong in a wide range of important fields.

10. Mumbai

It's estimated that the city's total wealth is $970 billion. BSE and NSE, two of the world's largest stock exchanges by market capitalization, are both located in Mumbai, India.

richest city in the world

Financial services, real estate, and media are among the city's most important industries. Bandra, Juhu, and Cumballa Hill are some of Mumbai's most affluent neighborhoods.

11. Houston

The city's total wealth is 925 billion dollars. The fastest-growing city in the United States, with a particularly substantial wealth increase in the last ten years.

It is also a leader in a variety of important industries in the United States, such as basic materials (oil and gas), biotech, engineering, and aeronautics.

12. Toronto

The city's total wealth is US$890 billion. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is the world's ninth-largest stock exchange. Financial services, real estate, information technology (IT), the media, and telecommunications are all significant employers in the area.

richest city in the world

13. Geneva

More than $875 billion is held in the city's coffers. An especially high concentration of centimillionaires resides here (over 300 centi-millionaires live in the city). Moreover, it is a prominent center for wealth management and family offices.

Financial and professional services are two of the city's most important sectors. Geneva's richness is reflected in our totals, which cover everything in the canton.

14. Melbourne

The city is home to $810 billion in wealth. The city is home to many of Australia's top corporations, including Rio Tinto, ANZ, Telstra, and BHP. As well as Toorak and Brighton, Melbourne has a number of wealthy neighborhoods.

Finance, mining, information technology, and biotechnology are all major employers in the area. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.

15. Osaka

The city's total wealth is $805 billion. Manufacturing, IT, retail, real estate, and transportation are some of the most important industries in the area.

richest city in the world

Seoul, Frankfurt, Dallas, Shenzhen, Zurich, Paris, and Delhi are the cities that narrowly missed the top 15.