Where To Find A Razor Claw In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

The player is unleashed in a world populated by fantastic mystical animals in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the newest adventure from Game Freak. Scarlet and Violet not only bring back many of the products and features that veterans have come to appreciate, but also introduce a lot of new ones and an open world. This includes the Razor Claw evolution item that has been held.

The Razor Claw is a held evolutionary item, and it can be found alongside other such items in the game. Here’s all the information you need to know about where to find the Razor Claw in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Where To Find A Razor Claw In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Razor Claws can be purchased at any of the Delibird Presents shops located all around Paldea. Mesagoza, an early-game city, is where players will find one of the initial places. You can see it at two different spots in the south of the city in the photograph up top.

Where To Find A Razor Claw In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

It can be found for sale, but with a price of 15,000 Pokédollars, it's clear that you'll need to put some money aside to get it. The Razor Claw has a limited number of Pokémon users, but Sneasel can use it to evolve at night. Due to its high price, it is recommended that players only purchase it if they have a Pokémon in mind for which it is intended.

Yet, it can also boost Pokémon's critical hit rate, making it a valuable tool. Some of the evolution products sold at Delibird Presents require you to have reached later game levels before you may purchase them. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, all you need to know to obtain the Razor Claw is the location of the Delibird Gifts shop.

What Is The Razor Claw Used For?

If a Pokemon is holding the Razor Claw, it will have a higher Critical Hit percentage. Since Critical Strikes deal twice the standard amount of damage, players have the opportunity to deal significantly more harm in combat.

Where To Find A Razor Claw In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

It's also crucial to note that many trainers can't transform Sneasel into Weavile without the Razor Claw. Simply hand the Razor Claw to Sneasel and raise its power level while he sleeps. Weavile, a Dark/Ice type, is an excellent addition to the player's team because it is both quick and powerful in its physical attacks.

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