Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now? Let’s Explore!

Do you miss seeing your favorite Storage Wars characters on TV and wonder what they're up to now? Then you've found the proper place. The auctioneers are doing very well now, both professionally and personally, thanks to their ability to make big profits by bidding on the money for storage at the California storage facility.

So, let's find out where each Storage Wars auctioneer is at in life and what they do for a living. But first, a quick primer on the American reality show Storage Wars. The 2010 documentary Storage Wars focuses on the lives of auctioneers who compete for storage units for financial gain.

Those who do not have adequate space in their residences might use a specialized storage facility in the Golden State. They can now go out and secure their belongings by renting a storage unit.

However, if rent is overdue by three months, the tenant's belongings will be sold to the highest bidder for a substantial sum of money. Auctioneers on the show look into storage units from the outside and make value judgments based on what they find. They are not permitted inside the building or to touch anything in it.

On the day of the auction, they place bids based on their best guesses of the objects' final selling prices; only then would they learn whether or not they made a profit. The Storage Wars cast has made and lost a lot of money.

However, followers were continually encouraged by their ability to increase profits through careful planning and astute commercial decisions. This is why followers of “Storage Wars” are so interested in the cast's current activities. In this article, you will find information of the cast of the storage wars. Let's start reading.

Dave Hester Works As An Auctioneer And Consultant

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

Dave Hester, the undisputed antagonist of Storage Wars, gained widespread notoriety for his annoying habit of shouting the bizarro catchphrase “YUUUP!” After being fired from A&E for revealing the show's manufactured nature, Hester started his own auctioneering and consulting firm and disappeared from public view.

The husband and father of two are currently enjoying semi-retirement in the Last Frontier. In 2015, he revealed his plans for the future to Online Storage Auctions, saying, “I am going to get on the commission side of the business as the auctioneer for storage facilities and moving and storage companies.” I have partially retired. Keeping myself occupied by going fishing, selling things at auction, and penning e-books about my professional background.

Darrel Sheets and Brandon Sheets

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

Darrel Sheets, better known as “The Gambler,” worked tirelessly during his stint on Storage Wars, and his big earnings after purchasing a painting for $300,000 stunned everyone. Now that he's retired from auctioneering, this man has more time to focus on himself and his growth as a person.

Darrel Sheets has made a fantastic effort to slim down. It has been reported that he shed almost 40 pounds with the Nutrisystem program. Brandon Sheets, like his father Darrel, has a deep passion for auctioneering.

Brandon was a key member of the Storage Wars ensemble for the first eight seasons before leaving the show in 2016. After that, he began to prioritize his private life more and ultimately relocated to Arizona with his loved ones. It would appear that he has moved on from business and is now working hard at something else.

Barry Weiss

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

Barry Weiss is a collector. Of antiques by profession, but also of the delight of his listeners. Weiss's unconventional bidding strategy and rat-a-tat roasts of his fellow storage warriors disarmed everyone on Storage Wars.

In 2014, he departed from the primary series and was granted his own spinoff, Barry's Treasure, due to his popularity with A&E viewers. During the course of the show's eight installments, he drove old vehicles across the country in quest of obscure collectibles.

The next year, Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back premiered on A&E. With co-host Kenny Crossley, Weiss took fans on a tour of the best moments from Storage Wars and shared some behind-the-scenes trivia.

Weiss has been avoiding the spotlight recently, and his last tweet was in 2014. Weiss has stated in a few recent interviews that he has no plans to appear on television and is perfectly happy with his status as a “professional slacker.” However, upon questioning, he conceded that he may like hosting a show involving automobiles and motorcycles.

Dan and Laura Dotson Own a Private Auctioneering Business

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

For the entirety of Storage Wars' 14-season run, the show's principal auctioneers were Dan and Laura Dotson, the show's resident power couple and fan favorites for their legendary, albeit inarticulate, auctioneer prattle.

Despite A&E putting the show on hiatus due to financial difficulties, the pair kept holding auctions for the seized lockers. The pair currently operates American Auctioneers, a private auctioneering firm that holds public auctions throughout the state of California.

Ivy Calvin

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

Fans everywhere are familiar with Ivy Calvin‘s career as a former NFL player and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. However, they were pleasantly pleased to see Ivy in a new light as an auctioneer. Ivy left Storage Wars to open his own secondhand store, and soon Grandma's Attic was up and running in California. Ivy Calvin also recently married Wendy, with whom he has two children.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

In 2010, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz joined Storage Wars as cast members. Since then, they've made a lot of money thanks to their reputation for fierce bidding. Brandi and Jarrod's latest show, Jarrod: Married To The Job, follows on from Storage Wars, and in it, they detail the challenges they've had as a couple while running a business and raising a family.

Their devoted following took pleasure in witnessing their success as auctioneers and their happiness as a family. They broke up quickly after, though, and they never discussed their problems publicly. They have also been coy about their personal relationships in the workplace.

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda

Where Is The Storage Wars Cast Now

The dynamic duo of Rene and Casey joined Storage Wars in season 4. They stayed on the show until 2019 and are now pursuing their goal of launching their own YouTube channel. Their channel is called Bargainhuntersthrift on YouTube, and it's where they teach others about thrifting and auctions. The couple's YouTube channel gained over 100,000 subscribers before they established their secondhand store.

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