Where Is Rand Gauthier From Pam And Tommy Now?

Where Is Rand Gauthier Now?: The electrician & carpenter, Rand Gauthier, who worked on the Malibu, California, home of Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee, seems to have escaped punishment in the sex tape scandal. Rand may have been an adult film star who dated the likes of Wendy Whoppers and Stacey Valentine during his peak, but he will be forever linked to the theft of Pamela and Tommy's home video. Where Is Rand Gauthier Now?

Who is Rand Gauthier?

An electrician by trade, Gauthier made a choice that would have lasting repercussions for those close to him. His actions led to the widespread dissemination of information regarding Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape.

 Where Is Rand Gauthier Now

Lee believes that one of the contractors who were helping him renovate his London property, where he and the other man were residing, removed the safe containing the infamous footage. The 65-year-old Gauthier is being held responsible for the theft of the sex tape because he was working at the property at the time.

Where Is Rand Gauthier Now?

Authentic Rand Gauthier is a 65-year-old veteran. The city of Santa Rosa, just north of Sonoma and Napa, is his hometown. It is famous for its wineries and the Charles M. Schulz Museum. The man who created Peanuts, of whom you may have heard.

 Where Is Rand Gauthier Now

In the closing scene of Pam & Tommy, Gauthier tries to pass himself off as the man who stole the sex tape from the couple, but no one believes him because he grows marijuana there. Since there is no known image of Gauthier, he is one of the story's most enigmatic characters.

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Hulu's Pam & Tommy is based on an interview with Gauthier conducted by Amanda Chicago Lewis of Rolling Stone in 2014. Asked if he felt guilty for stealing the tape, Gauthier responded, “It was cute.” It makes me happy that they've found each other and are enjoying themselves so much as a pair. I'm completely envious.

Did Rand Gauthier Go to Jail?

Actually, no. Gauthier's initial online release of the sex tape only encouraged more widespread distribution as bootleggers quickly made their own versions. Since he did not own the rights to the recording and had stolen it, he could not sue the bootleggers. Mob lord Louis “Butchie” Peraino loaned Gauthier money, and he is now demanding repayment.

According to Rolling Stone, Gauthier was forced to work for the mob to repay his debt. These days, Gauthier keeps a low profile; he doesn't appear to have any public social media accounts, and there are no images of him available on the internet.

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How Much Did He Make off the Sex Tape?

According to The Cinemaholic, after a temporary bonanza from selling the initial few copies of the celebrity sex tape, almost all of the money Rand made rapidly dried up. Whether or not he made any money off of the recordings' sales is also unknown. The Cinemaholic reports that Seth Warshavsky's Internet Entertainment Group received the lion's share of the allegedly over $77 million in legal purchases the DVD generated in its first year on sale.

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