Where Is Nichol Kessinger Now? Was She Involved in the Murder?

Nichol Kessinger, an ordinary American lady, became famous as the girlfriend of notorious serial killer Chris Watts. Their ex-boyfriend was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife and their two girls in August of 2018.

Before turning himself in, infamous criminal Watts placed the responsibility for his family's illicit activities on his associate Nichol. Numerous people are curious as to whether or not Kessinger was engaged in the murder. Let's find out Where is Nichol Kessinger now? 

Who is Nichol Kessinger?

Colorado is the place of origin for Nichol Kessinger, who entered the world in 1988. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Geology from Colorado State University, Nichole attended the Community College of Aurora and earned her Associate of Science in Biology.

In June of 2018, not long after she started working for Tasman Geosciences, she met Chris Watts. Chris and her met because her firm was contracted by Chris's company, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

The two hit it off immediately and embarked on a passionate fling that quickly eclipsed Chris's ties to his family. Nichol knew Chris had a wife and two girls, but she believed he had already moved on from them.

Chris slew his family because he wanted to be with her, but she was incorrect. Nichol cut ties with Chris, a convicted killer, after learning of his horrible conduct. When Nichol began to suspect that Chris was implicated in his family's abduction, she alerted law enforcement.

She collaborated with law enforcement and gave key information throughout the inquiry. After Chris's conviction, Nichol entered witness protection and was given a new identity & location. Even worse, she was fired from her former position at Tasman Geosciences.

How Did the News of Murder Spread?

On August 13, 2018, Shanann Cathryn Rzucek's friend Nickole Atkinson told the world that Chris's wife and two daughters had vanished. Concerned that she might be late for her gynecologist appointment, Atkinson did not return her calls or texts.

Where Is Nichol Kessinger Now

When Atkinson went to see Shannan at her residence, she tried ringing the doorbell and knocking several times. When she reached no one at the other end, she notified the Frederick police and Chris at the office.

Watt reportedly told Denver7 that he left his wife and daughter sleeping before departing for work that morning at 5:15 a.m. When he returned, they were gone. It turned out, however, that Shannan had left without bringing anything with her. The police became skeptical of Chris because his story didn't add up.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now?

Once Nichol went into witness protection, her whereabouts were kept secret. After being widely outed as Chris Watts' girlfriend, Nichol realized she had to make drastic changes to her identity, starting with her name. Chris Watts told his pen pal Cheryln Cadle in 2019 that he still had romantic feelings for Nichol.

While incarcerated, he claimed to be receiving numerous letters from people he believed to be Nichol under a variety of aliases. With this information in hand, Cadle penned a book titled “Letters from Christopher,” which describes the fictitious exchanges between Nichol and Chris.

Chris's claim that Nichol herself was responsible for the letters was met with skepticism by authorities because of the lack of any hard evidence to support it. A few months later, in March of 2021, Chris' cellmate David Carter spilled the beans to Daily Mail about Chris's secret correspondence with Nichol using an assumed name.

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He added that Chris had told him that he had received such messages in September 2020 and that officials had discovered them and shut down Chris' email account since he was not authorized to speak with Nichol.

Was She Involved in the Murder?

Detectives said they have reason to believe Nichol was involved in the murder because she deleted several communications she had written to Chris. In contrast, she provided more detail in a lengthy interview, saying:

For some reason, I found him quite repulsive. I was confused as to what was taking place. I don't need to be reminded of this every time I check my phone that you lied to me. That's why I took it off! After discovering his lies, I removed all of his work from my computer. The pain I felt from doing so drove me to remove it.

Where Is Nichol Kessinger Now

In spite of the absence of evidence connecting her to the disappearances, many people believed she was full of guilt during the interview. She started browsing for wedding dresses online after just seeing him for a couple of months, which, like his story, left a few gaps.

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Whatever the case may have been, authorities were unable to find evidence of her involvement. Many, however, think she shares equal blame & her association with the murderer has prompted various responses. People began calling her names, such as “home-wrecker” and “murderer mistress” in the media and in private.