Where Is Matt Lauer? What He Is Doing at Present?

Matt Lauer, the former host of NBC's “Today” show, was fired after 20 years on the show. After charges of ‘inappropriate s*xual behavior in the workplace' were leveled against him, NBC terminated his employment.

Savannah Guthrie read the staff memo confirming Matt's resignation from the show and revealed the news. Following this, Lauer's life began to unravel.

What Is Matt Lauer Up to at the Moment?

Matt tries to engage with others on several occasions, but he consistently receives the cold shoulder. Regarding getting back into the community,” insiders say, “He has done all possible.”

He'll show up at friendly parties and be pleasant to everyone, yet he'll get the cold shoulder from most people.

Those accusations still haunt Lauer. However, if we talk about his personal life, he is in a pleasant place.

More Details About Matt's Exit From NBC's ‘today'

He was accused of s*xual assault by a former coworker, Brooke Nevils, in a hotel room at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. After being questioned by Nevils, Matt admitted to having an “extramarital, but consensual, s*xual contact” with Brooke, despite his denial of the charge.

NBC severed connections with Matt due to Brooke's allegations against him. He returned to the Hamptons after that.

Where Is Matt Lauer

According to an insider who knows the situation, “People have had ample opportunity to put out the welcome mat, but it seems like they've locked their doors on Matt forever!”

What Did People at NBC Have to Say About Matt?

Tom Mazzarelli, the show's executive producer, spoke with Ad Week about Matt's departure from NBC's show. While Matt Lauer's relationship with ‘Today' may have ended badly, his presence on the show will live on.

“You'll see him.” there will be a look back at the history of the anchors over the last 70 years,” Tom added. “He is part of our history, as are all the anchors.”

Hoda Kotb, Matt's former Today coworker, discussed the Lauer controversy on October's show. You think you've known someone for 12 years, but you don't.” you're surprised to discover a previously unknown side of somebody when a door suddenly swings open.”

Was Matt a Part of the Tribute Video Made by NBC?

NBC put together a unique film to mark its 70th anniversary in the entertainment industry. Lauer's inclusion or exclusion from the tribute film was a common topic of conversation among the mourners. 12 minutes was the length of the NBC tribute video.

The main question has been answered: yes, he was in the video. He appears a total of four times in the video. People were astonished to see him in the video since a few thought he wouldn't make it after his awful exit from the series.

Where Is Matt Lauer

Billy Rush, another show anchor, was notably absent from the tribute film. “Billy was outraged they featured everyone but him,” a source told the New York Post.


When they included Matt Lauer, who has been accused of anally raping a young staff member while on a work trip, but did not include Billy, you know something is wrong,” he says.

In Which Projects Have Matt Starred in Before?

NBC's show is not the only one that Lauer has appeared on; he has also appeared on Dateline NBC, Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?, “Today in New York,” “Red Nose Day,” “PM Magazine,” “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” “Live at Five,” and “The Greatest American.”.

His career has also included appearances in films including “Land of the Lost,” “I Am Legend,” “Tower Heist,” “The Beaver,” “Entourage,” “9/11,” “Leaving Neverland,” “Square One: Michael Jackson,” “Me at the Zoo,” “Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath,” “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price,” and many more.

A Little Bit About Matt Lauer's Personal Life

Matt's personal life began to fall apart shortly after he was shown the exit door from NBC. He and his ex-wife Annette Roque went through a tumultuous divorce process. “Jade Roque” is her name in the modeling industry.

He was ordered to give up a horse farm in Water Mill, New York, and $20 million in assets as part of the divorce settlement. In both his personal and professional life, Matt was going through a lot at the moment.

After 21 years of marriage, Matt and Annette have decided to call it quits. In September, their divorce was finally formalized.

His previous marriage to Nancy Alspaugh, who died in 1988, before his union with Annette. In the end, the couple decided on joint custody of their children. The couple's three children are Romy Lauer, Jack Matthew Lauer, and Thijs Lauer.

Is Matt Lauer Single or Committed?

Shamin Abas is now dating the star. Before they started dating, the two had known each other for over a decade. According to a Page Six source, Matt and Shamin are longtime friends who spend a lot of time in the Hamptons. They've just started seeing each other. “She's a beautiful person.”

Where Is Matt Lauer

We're all taken aback by how much Matt's new girlfriend Shamin looks like his ex-wife Annette. Let me dispel any illusions you may have about these two. They are not twins. Abas and Roque's relationship is like a plot twist in a movie.

According to reports, the couple plans to get married soon. According to a source, his pals have told him that they want to marry her in a lavish ceremony in the Hamptons. Who will attend the wedding of the couple? Is Annette going to be there? These questions can only be answered by time.

Matt and Shamin's upcoming nuptials have us all excited. With time, Matt's life has progressed, just like everyone else's. Follow us on social media and keep up to speed with the newest news.