Where Is Dr Cline Now from Netflix’s Our Father Now?

Where Is Dr. Cline Now: The disturbing true story of Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility specialist who was discovered to have inseminated scores of women without their permission, is told in the new Netflix documentary Our Father.

In the film, Jacoba Ballard, who thought she was an only child but actually had several half-siblings, recalls taking a DNA test & learning of their existence. She was the first of more than 90 people to find out that they were also Cline's biological offspring & it turned out that Cline was their biological father.

Parts of the story are reenacted in the documentary, with actor Keith Boyle playing Cline. The film's ending left many viewers with unanswered questions about the fate of the doctor who sexually abused his patients for at least ten years. Is Dr. Cline still around, and if so, what happened to him?

Who is Dr. Cline?

Doctor Donald Cline is a former fertility specialist in the Indianapolis region. Historically esteemed, Cline attracted residents seeking reproductive treatments so they may start families of their own. Cline was meant to inseminate patients with donor sperm, but he was secretly inseminating them with his own.

Where Is Dr Cline Now

Cline is suspected to be the father of more than 50 children between 1979 & 1986 & he only stopped when the AIDS epidemic became widespread. Jacoba Ballard, the protagonist of Our Father, is a donor baby who, while investigating the circumstances surrounding her birth, learns that she has dozens of half-siblings whose mothers visited Cline's fertility clinic.

Where Is Dr. Cline Now?

In 2019, The Atlantic reported that Dr. Donald Cline was still alive & well in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of the kids he fathered without permission are only a few blocks away from where he currently resides. According to Liz White, one of his former patients who was interviewed for the Atlantic article. The former doctor “lives down the street over there.” I occupy the house just across the street & my mother resides in this one.

The documentary features a fairly crude & unsympathetic lawyer who explains that what Cline did was not technically rape under Indiana state law. Despite the fact that it was definitely a sexual offense. This meant that the only allegation brought against Cline in 2017 was obstruction of justice. For his role in providing false information to the state's attorney general's office regarding the usage of his sperm in medical procedures.

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The AG's office notified him about the inquiry that Ballard had launched, and he responded by writing to the office and denying that he had used his sperm.  Cline's punishment for his offenses included a $500 fine, one year of probation & the revocation of his medical license. Our Father director Lucie Jourdan stated in a written statement included in the film's publicity materials, “Cline did everything in his power to silence & the making of this film.”

Was Dr. Cline Prosecuted for His Crimes?

Cline is rumored to have inseminated women with his own sperm up to 1986 when he closed his clinic. No patient's sperm was utilized more than 3 times & he assured them that the sperm donors were unidentified medical students. Cline's biological children found out he used his own sperm through records of DNA testing.

According to the documentary, Cline admitted using his own sperm when confronted by six of the half-siblings and claimed their parents' documents had been destroyed. Cline was never charged with rape, despite the victims' & kids' repeated demands for justice.

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A lawyer says in the documentary that it would have been difficult to charge Cline with rape because of his high public profile as the leading reproductive specialist in Indianapolis at the time & the lack of particular legislation in Indiana calling what he did a sexual violation.

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