Where Is Chris Watts Now? What Is Chris’ Life like in Prison?

Where Is Chris Watts Now?: Chris Watts, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters, is reportedly sending “racy” letters to some of the women he has been writing to for years, according to a jail source who spoke with PEOPLE.

The source, who has had multiple conversations with Watts in jail, claims that inmates “sent seductive photographs” to Watts, to which he then replies. “Numerous ladies have expressed their opinion that he is attractive and unfairly stereotyped. They write rather frequently.” In this article, we will read about Where is Chris Watts now? Keep reading, to know.

Where Is Chris Watts Now?

After his original jail in Colorado was closed due to security concerns, Watts was transferred to the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. The Daily Mail revealed in March 2021 that Nichol Kessinger, the mistress of Watts murdered his family.

Where Is Chris Watts Now

He had gotten in touch with him again after reappearing under a new name and a new identity 3 years prior. Inmate David Carter said, “He told me she said that she needed to speak to him to straighten some things up.” To paraphrase, “He wouldn't tell me what she had said in detail.”

Why Did Chris Murder His Own Family?

Watts told author Cherlyn Cadle in 2019 that he would not have killed his family “if I had not met Nikki.” So smitten was he with Nichol that he allegedly sought to miscarry their son Nico by giving Shanann the potent painkiller Oxycodone after Nichol informed him she wanted to “give him his first son.”

He was completely charmed by her. Letters from Christopher author Cadle told DailyMailTV that the man felt “respected” by her for the first time in her life because of the letters she wrote him.

Christopher loved her “as he'd never loved anyone else,” Cadle said. However, “he loves Shanann while knowing that she was not his soulmate and not the person he was intended to be with.”

What Was Chris Watts' Sentence?

Chris Watts was given a total of seven consecutive and two concurrent life terms for the murders of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste, as well as an additional 48 years for unlawfully terminating a pregnancy and 36 years for tampering with their bodies.

What Is Chris' Life like in Prison?

Chris Watts is in seclusion for a total of 23 hours every day. One hour a day, he is permitted to leave his cell to take a bath or go to the gym. The only items he is allowed to keep in his cell are a Bible & pictures of the family he destroyed. There have been reports that while in prison, Watts acquired Christianity & now claims to read the Bible to his deceased wife & two daughters every day.

Where Is Chris Watts Now

Cindy Watts, Chris's mother, read a letter from him in the HLN special Killer Dad: Chris Watts Speaks, in which he said, “I'm still a Dad! It's not too late; I'm still a son! Without fail. I may now add “God's servant” to my resume. Because of what he taught me, I can live each day in peace, loving, & forgiving others. According to PEOPLE's November 2022 sources, Watts was engaging in sexually charged correspondence with multiple women.

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“He reacts to their sensual photo messages. Many of the ladies out there consider him to be gorgeous & sadly misunderstood. There are numerous letters sent by them, the source stated. A second person chimed in, “He's got nothing else to do.” “That's how he satisfies his own sense of self-importance. Simply put, he has zero support among inmates. Safekeeping has been granted to him. These letters are his only means of expression.”

What Info Does the Documentary Share?

A friend of convicted murderer Chris Watts told PEOPLE that Watts is aware of the Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door & that while he doesn't have any strong emotions about the film's specific content, he was “triggered” by its publication. According to the person quoted by PEOPLE, “just knowing that the documentary is out, there has pushed Chris to some dark places.”

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“It makes him angry that he knows it exists, but he'll never get to see it. Some of the events are coming back to him, and he is frustrated by the fact that he has no idea how many individuals have access to his private messages. Not that he particularly enjoys reliving the worst moments of his life on screen, but he is curious about how the documentary is presented.”

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