Where Is Carl Lentz Now? Is He Keeping a Low Profile?

Where Is Carl Lentz Now?: The Righteous Gemstones, a critically praised HBO dark comedy, has sparked a newfound fascination with megachurches among ordinary people. Since the second season ended lately and the show is no longer airing, viewers are eager to find new material. Those with a penchant for scandalous ministers may now satisfy their cravings with a brand-new docuseries on Discovery Plus.

Three episodes of a documentary called Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed premiered on Discovery Plus on March 24, 2022. Accusations of abuse and corruption inside the church are just two of many issues that are addressed in the series. For example, Carl Lentz, a former pastor at Hillsong, is a major topic of conversation. When did he disappear? Why don't we find out?

Who Is Carl Lentz?

American ex-minister Stephen Carl Lentz lives in the USA. As a celebrity preacher and spiritual advisor to famous people like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez, Carl Lentz has been called a “hype-priest” by GQ.

He served as the head pastor of Hillsong New York City until his removal on November 4, 2020, due to “leadership problems and breaches of trust, plus a recent discovery of moral faults.” On May 31, 2021, Lentz's ex-nanny filed a complaint accusing him of sexual abuse, harassment, and bullying.

Where Is Carl Lentz Now?

Carl led the Hillsong New York congregation after joining the church in 2010 & evangelizing to thousands, including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Vanessa Hudgens. Carl was sacked a decade later for “leadership flaws and breaches of trust” and “moral shortcomings” the church refused to confront, despite the fact that he had brought great attention to the organization.

Where Is Carl Lentz Now

Churchgoers spilled the beans and claimed Carl was having many affairs. His affair with Ranin Karim, which lasted for 5 months, will be a major talking point at Hillsong: Taking the Megachurch to Task. Leona Kimes, Carl's former nanny, also wrote an essay in May 2021 about the bullying & sexual abuse she endured at the hands of Carl's father on the website Medium.

This morning's New York Post reported that Carl now calls Florida home. While the disgraced pastor has been maintaining a quiet profile as of late, images of him at an airport with wild, curly hair appeared in March of 2022. Images of Carl's new home also surfaced, and it's obvious that it's not as nice as his old one in Los Angeles.

Former Family Nanny Alleges Sexual Abuse by Lentz

Leona Kimes, who worked as a nanny for Lentz before he was sacked from Hillsong Church, came forward months later to accuse the disgraced pastor of sexually assaulting her. She shared her feelings on Medium, writing, “I also felt so ashamed & I had been ordered not to say anything or tell anyone.” Leona claimed that she started at Lentz in 2011 & typically worked more than 19 hours a day. Lentz's responsibilities included taking care of the kids and the house until she started demanding massages and foot rubs.

Where Is Carl Lentz Now

Kimes claimed she was at a loss for what to do when Carl made sexual contact with her. She stated that she experienced physical pain due to “his uninvited and repeated sexual touches on my private parts.” The words “I froze” ring in my ears. I always seemed to get into a state of shock. Some say Laura sought to correct Carl's behavior after she learned of it by placing the blame on Leona.

In 2017, Lentz acknowledged his wrongdoing, but he did not inform the church's officials. Just before they fired her, the couple asked for an apology. A member of “their family had fired me, but not their workforce,” Kimes stated. I felt awful about myself because I blamed myself. Kimes went to the top leaders of the Hillsong Church after Carl was sacked to tell them her story.

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