Where Is Britt Reid Now? Was He Really Involved in Car Accident?

Britt Reid is the Kansas City Chiefs linebackers coach. He got his start in the NFL as an intern for his dad Andy Reid's practice squad with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 and has since risen up the coaching levels.

Eric Reid joined the coaching staff of the Chiefs after his father Andy Reid took over as head coach in 2013. Reid won Super Bowl LIV in 2021 as an assistant coach for the winning Kansas City Chiefs team.

However, Reid was not there on the bench during the Chiefs' humiliating Super Bowl LV loss to the Buccaneers. In this article, we will discuss “Where Is Britt Reid Now?”. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Can We Assume Britt Reid Wasn't in a Car Accident?

Reid, the linebacker's coach, was driving drunk when he hit a car on February 4, 2021, placing a little girl into a coma and injuring the other four occupants. Police said that two kids, ages 4 and 5, were hurt when Reid's Dodge Ram Laramie Sport pickup truck crashed into two parked cars.

Where Is Britt Reid Now

Evidence suggests that Reid was driving inebriated at speeds of about 84 mph when his Dodge truck collided with the other vehicles. Ariel, the older of the two girls, had a brain injury.

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Where Is Britt Reid Now?

Reid pled guilty to aggravated DUI with serious bodily injury on September 12, 2022. This is a very serious felony offense. According to the terms of his plea agreement, he faces between two and four years in prison.

Reid said in court, “I truly regret what I did.” I really screwed up. Please accept my sincere condolences at this time of loss for the family. If I have upset anyone, I am very sorry. Tom Pardo, an attorney for Ariel's family, said that they are strongly against the plea deal.

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When pressed for clarification, he said, “The five victims of this crime are upset. However, the state's attorney is not seeking the maximum sentence. As a result of the defendant's criminal past, a 5-year-old daughter is in a coma and three other people were seriously injured.

What were Andy Reid & the Chiefs' reactions to the incident?

After his son was involved in a terrible vehicle accident, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid stated his “heart bleeds” for the little girl who is still fighting for her life. After this year's Super Bowl LV, Andy commented, “My heart goes out to everybody affected, the families of those little girls fighting for their lives.” “Humanely speaking, I feel terrible for them.”

Where Is Britt Reid Now

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