Where is Belle Gibson “The Former Influencer Who Lied About Having Cancer” Now?

Belle Gibson, a former wellness influencer who gained notoriety for her fraudulent claims of curing cancer with alternative therapies, made headlines for her deceitful actions and the legal consequences that followed.

Since her fall from grace, Belle Gibson has remained largely out of the public eye, leaving many people curious about her current whereabouts and activities.

In this article, we will explore the mystery surrounding Belle Gibson's whereabouts and delve into her journey post-controversy.

Who is Belle Gibson?

Belle Gibson first gained prominence in the wellness and health industry through her mobile app and cookbook, “The Whole Pantry.” She portrayed herself as a cancer survivor who had overcome the disease through natural remedies, alternative therapies, and a strict diet. Her story resonated with many, and her app quickly gained a substantial following.

Throughout her career, Gibson fraudulently claimed to have fatal brain cancer. Fans frequently commended the actress for her bravery, and many cited her as an inspiration.

Belle Gibson

Gibson argued that natural therapies should be used instead of medications, claiming that she had “countless times helped others” and had led people “down natural therapy for everything from fertility, depression, bone damage, and other types of cancer.”

She also claimed to have contributed huge percentages of her money to cancer charities, some of which she raised with the help of her Instagram followers, all of which did not come true.

How Did Belle Gibson Get Exposed?

In 2015, investigative reports exposed Belle Gibson's fraudulent claims. It was revealed that she had never been diagnosed with cancer and had fabricated her illness. Additionally, she had promised to donate a portion of her app and book proceeds to various charities, a promise that went unfulfilled, leading to allegations of fraud.

Gibson's massive deception began to unravel when her book was published in 2014.

The foreword of the book stated that she had been “stable for two years now with no growth of the cancer”—a claim that contradicted what she had previously informed media outlets.

Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano, writers, exposed Gibson's claims regarding her phony charitable donations in their book, The Woman Who Fooled the World.

Belle Gibson

Gibson was found guilty of five violations of consumer law in 2017.

A court at the time stated that Belle may have “genuinely” believed she had cancer and what she was telling her followers.

Gibson may have had “delusions” regarding her health, according to the judge.

Chanelle McAuliffe, Gibson's former friend, appears on the ITVX program and provides her own view as to why Gibson did what she did.

“In my opinion, it was a strategy,” she remarked. “It's just a f***ing business strategy.”

Where is Belle Gibson Now?

Gibson has, predictably, attempted to stay out of the spotlight since her web of lies was uncovered.

Belle does not participate in the ITVX program about her swindle, but her older brother Nick does in a rare interview.

According to reports, Gibson lied about her sibling during her time as a blogger, ostensibly to make her home life appear more problematic than it was.

Is Belle Gibson a Mother?

Bella Gibson has a son named Oliver Gibson. Gibson was 18 years old when he was born in July 2010.

The identity of Oliver's father is unknown, but a guy named Clive Rothwell, who was once rumored to be engaged to Gibson, apparently acted as a stepfather to him since he was a child, according to the Mail Online.

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Despite the engagement rumors, Gibson allegedly told the court that she and Rothwell were “just friends,” despite him spending thousands of dollars on travel abroad for her.

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