Where Is Allan Gore Now? an Exposé on His Private Life!

Where Is Allan Gore Now?: Hulu's newest real crime docuseries, Candy, is about the slaying of Betty Gore, a housewife. Candace “Candy” Montgomery, portrayed by Jessica Biel, was the one who murdered Betty by striking her 41 times with an ax. The events leading up to the confrontation are explored by Candy, along with more information about her affair with Betty's husband, Allan Gore.

In 1980, when Candy brought a swimsuit to the Gores' house in Wylie, Texas, he & Betty got into an argument. Candy testified that when Betty inquired about her affair with Allan, she stated that it had taken place & that she & Allan had mutually agreed to stop their relationship. But then Betty allegedly went outside to get an ax & came back inside.

Candy tried to apologize, but she said Betty's remark of “shhh” had awakened memories of abuse from her past. With the final blow of the ax, Betty was dead after being struck by Candy 41 times. Both Candy & Allan were suspected of the murder of Betty soon after her death, although neither of them was ever convicted or sentenced to prison for the crime.

Who Is Allan Gore?

David Alan Gore, a serial killer from the US, was convicted guilty of 6 murders that happened in Vero Beach & Indian River County in the 1980s. Gore was executed by lethal injection in 2012, after spending 28 years on death row in Florida.

Where Is Allan Gore Now

Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield, an accomplice, were known as the “Killing Cousins.” After being convicted of two separate murders, Waterfield is now serving two consecutive life terms.

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In 1976, police arrested Gore and Waterfield after Angela Hommell Austin, then 20 years old, accused them of rape while holding a revolver to her head. All charges were dropped because the cousins claimed the encounter was voluntary. Gore also attempted to abduct at least four more women, but they all escaped.

Where Is Allan Gore Now?

According to the Dallas Morning News, Allan soon remarried & left Wylie once his trial concluded. He & his second wife just split up. Betty's parents took in & raised Allan's girls. According to their respective profiles on social media, Alisa is currently employed by a large conglomerate firm & Bethany is a teacher.

Where Is Allan Gore Now

Allan has been in a domestic partnership since 2016 & his Facebook page claims that he is currently retired & living in Sarasota, Florida. Montgomery, who now goes by her maiden name Wheeler & works as a mental health counselor in Georgia, may or may not still be in touch with him. Gore has remained out of the spotlight & has not commented on the drama series.

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Final Thoughts 

It's safe to say that Allan Gore valued his family beyond all else. He was devoted to his family & took great pleasure in spending time with his wife & two children. Therefore, Allan attempted to conceal his extramarital affair.

Allan's family broke apart when his wife found out. The affair resulted in a violent murder & heartbreak for Allan's children. The Allan Gore family is just one that has been ruined by an extramarital affair. When cheaters strive to cover their tracks, they typically end up causing more harm than good.

Instead of trying to avoid the results of one's actions, one should confront them squarely at times. This is Allan Gore's story. The sitcom “Candy,” based on his life with his wife Betty Gore & their foreign neighbor and friend Candy, is currently available on Hulu.

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