When is New Year’s Day In 2023? Most Recognizable Occasions!

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A Bit About New Year's Day

The majority of the world celebrates New Year's Day on January 1, the first day of the year according to the current Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar likewise recognizes January 1 as New Year's Day, but it differs from the Gregorian calendar.

Quick Facts About New Year's Day

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2023
Making New Year's resolutions, church services, parades, sporting events, fireworks
Significance: The first day of the Gregorian year
Observed by:
Users of the Gregorian calendar and calendars where months are based on the Gregorian calendar
Related to:
New Year's Eve; Persian New Year; Chinese New Year; Islamic New Year; Christmas and holiday season
Frequency: Annual

When Will We Celebrate New Year's Day?

According to the Gregorian calendar, New Year's Day is the first day of the year and occurs precisely one week after Christmas Day.

When is New Year's Day

All nations that use the Gregorian calendar, except Israel, have a public holiday on New Year's Day. This makes it the most widely observed public holiday in the entire world.

The second Monday in January may serve as an additional New Year's holiday in some nations.

For those nations that continue to use the Julian Calendar, January 14 is New Year's Day.

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Around the world, it is customary to celebrate with fireworks displays at 00:00 local time.

What Makes New Year's Day Unique?

The country's largest and most recognizable New Year's custom is the midnight drop of a massive ball in Times Square in New York City. The occasion, which has occurred practically annually since 1907, is watched by millions worldwide.

New Year's Day's Past

It may be a shock to hear that marking the beginning of the year on January 1 is a relatively young tradition, given how integral it is to our life.

When is New Year's Day

When the Roman Republic was founded in 509 BC, two consuls were chosen at ample held absolute power.

They took over on March 15, 222 BC (the Ides of March). On January 1 (the Kalends of January), which marked the start of the consular or civil year and the calendar year, consuls took office in 153 BC.

In one of the numerous attempts to tidy up the calendar, January and February were added, but they were added to the end of the year.

The name of the Roman god of doors and gates, Janus, inspired the month's naming.

Janus was a fitting name for the month at the beginning of the year since he had two faces, one looking forward and the other back.

Despite this, the famous New Year's celebration continued to be the traditional springtime beginning of the growing season and the period for military expeditions.

The New Year was celebrated during the Middle Ages on various Christian feast days; however, calendars frequently still displayed the months in columns from January to December in the Roman manner.

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William the Conqueror established January as the first day of the year in England in the 11th century, but nobody outside the Royal Court paid any heed.

Goals for the New Year

Many individuals see the new year as an occasion to establish resolutions. The most popular New Year's resolutions, according to a ComRes survey, were to exercise more (38%), lose weight (33%) and eat healthier (32%).

When is New Year's Day

The ancient Babylonians are credited with starting the custom of making New Year's resolutions, albeit their calendar year began in mid-March on the first moon following the spring equinox, not in January as is the case today.

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According to historians, the top two Babylonian resolutions were to pay off debts and return the rusty rake you had borrowed from your neighbor.

New Year's Day 2018 Monday, January 1, 2018 Monday 1702 days ago
New Year's Day 2019 January 1, 2019 Tuesday 1337 days ago
New Year's Day 2020 January 1, 2020 Wednesday 972 days ago
New Year's Day 2021 January 1, 2021 Friday 606 days ago
New Year's Day 2022 January 1, 2022 Saturday 241 days ago
New Year's Day 2023 January 1, 2023 Sunday
in 123 days
New Year's Day 2024 January 1, 2024 Monday in 488 days
New Year's Day 2025 January 1, 2025 Wednesday in 854 days
New Year's Day 2026 January 1, 2026 Thursday in 1219 days
New Year's Day 2027 January 1, 2027 Friday in 1584 days
New Year's Day 2028 January 1, 2028 Saturday
New Year's Day 2029 January 1, 2029
New Year's Day 2030 January 1, 2030

American New Year's Day's Past

In states like Connecticut and New York, New Year's Day had begun to gain acceptance as a secular, legal holiday by the middle of the 1800s.

On June 28, 1870, Congress approved a law granting federal workers in Washington, DC, a day off on New Year's Day in response to pressure from the business community. Congress expanded this holiday to include all government employees in 1885.

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