When Did Justin Start Dating Selena: Their All Dating History!

Are they a couple? It's a query that has troubled people since since the first tabloids appeared, and it shows no sign of going away. Everyone from John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt First, it was Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, and now it's Angelina Jolie.

Their on-again, off-again love is a fascinating case study, and we've included all the twists and turns of their long-running saga here.

The First Date Was in December of 2010

Gomez, 18, and Bieber, 16, were spotted holding hands for the first time at an IHOP (that's a fast food pancake business, in case you were curious). Later, though, they both denied there was any romantic interest between them, with Gomez providing one of the best denial statements we've ever seen when she told Us Weekly that Bieber was “one of my best friends.” Pancakes, man, pancakes!

As of the First Month of 2011: a Fresh Start in Love

They are seen kissing on New Year's Eve in St. Lucia, in the Caribbean, thus indicating there is something amorous going on.

when did justin start dating selena

Yes, It's Official as of February 2011

Photos from the couple's red carpet debut at Vanity Fair's Oscars Party sparked the moniker “Jelena” and fan panic.

Splitting Up in November of 2012

They dated for two years, during which time there were rumours of pregnancy, a helicopter date, and Bieber renting out an entire stadium to attend a movie with his ex. The couple's breakup can be attributed to a number of factors, including the youth of both parties and a lack of trust between them.

This Is April 2013; Go Get It

When Gomez releases her new song, Come & Get It, her listeners immediately assume the song is about Bieber. A few days later, Bieber publishes a photo of Gomez to Instagram, only to quickly remove it, giving fans a glimpse into the singer's tumultuous history with the photo-sharing app.

Their Communication Broke Out Entirely on December 13th.

Bieber admits he and Gomez have broken up just days before Christmas. Bieber affirmed his continued feelings for Gomez in the same interview.

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The Situation Deteriorates in January of 2014

2014 was a difficult year for Jelena admirers. After losing custody of his pet monkey and receiving backlash from the media due to his new bad boy image, Bieber was arrested for drunk driving and accused of vandalism. Although it was widely speculated that Gomez went to rehab to deal with her drug and Bieber problems, the singer actually sought treatment for her Lupus.

Duel in July 2014: Justin Vs. Orlando

In Ibiza, Spain, Bieber allegedly gets into a fist fight with Orlando Bloom. No one knows for sure who started the fight, although rumour is rife that it was Miranda Kerr or Selena Gomez. Either way, the incident made headlines and solidified Bieber's reputation.

Hello, Hailey! It's November of 2014!

Justin Bieber, who dated a bevvy of models earlier this year, has been connected to Hailey Baldwin since since he unfollowed Gomez on Instagram.

when did justin start dating selena

In 2015, Things Start to Get Murky

Most of 2015 is a blur when it comes to following the couple's interactions, earning it the moniker “the lost Jelena years.” Before things got serious again toward the end of the year, they each had a slew of other relationships (with Gomez dating Zedd).

The Serenade, November 2015

When video of Bieber singing to Gomez in a hotel room surfaced, the rumours began once more. Are they a couple? We did the math and determined that even though their connection was shaky at the best of times, they are most likely still talking today. For Jelena's November 2015 recap, click here.

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When 2016 Began in January, There Was Hailey

Once again confirming Jelena's temporary dissolution, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin begin dating. But oddness quickly ensues (read: ugly).

The Instagram War of August 2016

The sky literally fell in. Fans go crazy as Bieber publishes many photos with his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, to Instagram, prompting the singer to threaten to cancel his account. Gomez (shockingly) responds in the comments section: “If you can't handle the criticism then stop posting images of your girlfriend lol—it should be unique between you two only. Have some respect for your adoring public. They have a deep and abiding affection for you.

The Situation Escalates Into Open Warfare

Both of them make some hurtful comments about the other cheating, but it's Gomez who uses Snapchat to apologise. After that, Bieber completely erases his Instagram presence.

Here you can learn about our analysis from back then.

when did justin start dating selena

New beginnings in October of 2017?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted having breakfast together only days before word of her split from The Weeknd began to circulate. They hadn't seen each other in over a year. However, just days after news of their breakup breaks, Bieber and Gomez are spotted out and about, even at a church service. Bieber “texts her incessantly and hangs with her whenever he can,” a source told Us Weekly.

It's Going Down in November of 2017

The two were seen bicycling together in Los Angeles on November 2, fueling speculation that they are back together. The two are, at the very least, able to communicate with one another.

Are they reunited? If past is prologue, we may be looking at Jelena version 3.0.

Us Weekly received confirmation of their relationship on November 3 from a source who told them, “Selena always had feelings for Justin.” Since she is doing so well after surgery, her friends are urging her to take it easy.

TMZ also said that the couple were “obviously dating” to show that the romance was back on. That settles it; Jelena have returned.

On November 17 they were caught kissing, solidifying their status as a dating couple. Gomez joins Bieber at a hockey game, and the two are captured kissing over the rail in front of dozens (if not hundreds) of spectators. The very definition of proof.

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There Will Be Another Launch in March of 2018.

Gomez recently posted a birthday message to Beiber's Instagram, however reports have surfaced that she and Beiber had split up after being seen exiting a Hillsong church service separately. According to reports, the couple has temporarily put their relationship on hold so that they can “focus on their faith.” According to the insider, “they weren't getting along and decided to take a break.” It doesn't seem too serious, and I imagine they'll be back to normal in no time.