What’s The Hateful Eight Extended Version?

Netflix announced in March that the longer version of the director's “The Hateful Eight” will be available in April. However, when fans searched for the film on the internet streaming site, they discovered something unexpected: the film had been posted as a four-part miniseries. The theatrical version of the film is still available to watch on Netflix. Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight (also known as The H8ful Eight) is a 2015 American Revisionist Western film written and directed by him.

The film was announced by Tarantino in November of 2013. Before deciding to make it a separate film, he envisioned it as a novel and a sequel to his earlier film Django Unchained. He shelved the film after the screenplay was leaked in January 2014, instead directing a live reading at the United Artists Theater in Los Angeles, before rethinking and restarting work on it.


On December 8, 2014, filming began near Telluride, Colorado. Ennio Morricone's original soundtrack was his first and only for a Tarantino picture, as well as his first entire Western score in 34 years and his first for a high-profile Hollywood movie since Brian De Palma's Mission to Mars.

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 A Snapshot of The Hateful Eight Extended Version

Major Marquis Warren, a bounty hunter and Civil War veteran, is on his way to Red Rock, Wyoming in 1877 with three reward corpses. Faced with an impending winter, Warren boards a stagecoach led by O.B., where bounty hunter John Ruth is chained to fugitive Daisy Domergue, whom he is transporting to Red Rock to be executed. Despite his misgivings about the fellow bounty hunter, Ruth agrees to let him go along because the two had previously become friends after Warren received a personal letter from Abraham Lincoln.

Chris Mannix, the Lost-Causer, is subsequently discovered on the road, claiming to be Red Rock's new sheriff. Ruth establishes a mutual protection agreement with Warren and invites Mannix onboard, certain that a racist former Confederate militiaman and an African-American Union soldier would never collaborate to seize his bounty.

Ruth learns of the huge Confederate bounty set on Warren for concurrently escaping and arsoning a prisoner-of-war camp in West Virginia from Mannix, Domergue, and Warren during the voyage.

the hateful eight extended version

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The stagecoach finds shelter at Minnie's Haberdashery Lodge from the snow. Bob, a Mexican, greets them and informs them that Minnie is gone and has left him in charge. Oswaldo Mobray, Red Rock's hangman; cowboy Joe Gage; and Confederate commander Sanford Smithers, who is travelling to construct a cenotaph for his missing son, are among the other lodgers. Ruth, suspicious, disarms everyone but Warren.

Quentin Tarantino, the writer-director, said in November 2013 that he was working on a new Western. He intended to write the narrative as a novel, named Django in White Hell, as a sequel to his film Django Unchained, but discovered that the Django character did not match the plot. The Hateful Eight was announced as the title on January 12, 2014. The shows Bonanza, The Virginian, and The High Chaparral from the 1960s served as inspiration for the picture.

Do You Know How Much The Hateful Eight earned?

The Hateful Eight earned $54.1 million in the United States and Canada and $101.6 million in other countries, totaling $155.8 million worldwide. It had a limited release in the United States on December 25, 2015, and earned $4.9 million over the weekend from 100 theatres ($46,107 per screen), placing it tenth at the box office.

On December 30, it received a wide distribution and grossed $3.5 million on its first day.  The picture went on to collect $15.7 million in its first weekend, placing third behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($90.2 million) and Daddy's Home ($29.2 million) at the box office.

What's The Update about The Hateful Eight Extended Version?

According to sources, The Hateful Eight: Extended Edition is currently available on Netflix. It isn't a fresh version of the 2015 picture, but rather one that has never been released for home viewing. Around the time of the first theatrical run, Quentin Tarantino toured the 70mm version of “Roadshow.” It clocks in at 187 minutes, approximately 20 minutes longer than the widely disseminated edit.

It's worth noting that, rather than just releasing the Extended Edition alongside the original, Netflix has divided it into four parts. Each “episode” lasts an average of 52.5 minutes, making it an ideal “program” for binge-watching. The movie is already divided into parts, but the additional breaks make it even more easy for those who want to take a breather from the slaughter.

There's no indication on what inspired Tarantino to present the mini-series, and he has yet to respond. In any case, The Hateful Eight: Extended Edition is now accessible to see, and the trailer can be seen below.


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Wrapping Up

This is, all in all, rather intriguing. Quentin Tarantino said he wouldn't do something like this for Kill Bill, but he appeared open to the notion in general. Given that he claims he'll retire after his tenth film, which may or may not be a Star Trek film, this may pave the way for a future on television. Netflix is presently airing The Hateful Eight miniseries. Slash Film was the first to break the news.