What is Fate About Lupin 2 ?

Money Heist fans have been looking forward to Lupin since the season 4 conclusion. According to Netflix, the first five episodes of the French thriller, which premiered on January 8, attracted 70 million views, making it as successful as mega-hits like The Queen's Gambit and Bridgerton. Fortunately, fans of the program will not have to wait long for the next round. The full ten-episode first season has already been shot, which means that the first part's cliffhanger will be resolved as well—phew. The season will end in the summer of 2021, according to Netflix.

A Gist About Lupin 

The narrative follows expert thief Assane Diop, the sole son of a Senegalese immigrant who came to France to provide his child a better life. Assane's father is accused by his employer, the wealthy and powerful Hubert Pellegrini, for the theft of an exquisite diamond necklace, and following Pellegrini's orders, a hitman enters his cell and hangs him, making it appear like a suicide, leaving the adolescent Assane an orphan.

He begins stealing from those he considers to be terrible, beginning with taking a violin from a prejudiced store owner who refused to allow him buy a violin for his unofficial girlfriend solely because of his racial colour. Diop starts becoming quite a gentleman burglar himself, utilising his charm and expertise of theft, deceit, and disguise to get away with all he does, inspired by gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, whom his father had given him on his birthday.

What is Lupin Part 2 All About?

Assane Diop, a modern-day thief who patterns his life after Maurice Leblanc's legendary “gentleman burglar,” Arsène Lupin, is played by French actor Omar Sy. Consider Lupin to be the early twentieth century's counterpart of Sherlock Holmes in terms of cultural importance, if not moral alignment. When fresh information emerges concerning Assane's father's murder in prison—and how he was framed by his powerful boss, Hubert Pellegrini, not long before—Assane uses his skills to exact retribution.

Episode 1

Youssef tells Assane and Claire that he witnessed Raoul and Léonard fighting in a parking lot and that they drove away. Claire breaks down and accuses Assane of the kidnapping. Youssef, realising that Assane is the guy he's looking for, agrees to assist him in tracking down Léonard. They steal a car and leave Claire in Étretat to contact the cops, only to discover Leonard has taken Raoul to an abandoned chateau in the Normandy countryside.

Episode 2

Without Assane's knowledge, Youssef manages to untangle himself and rescue Raoul from the flaming automobile the night before. Following that, he learns that Dumont has requested that Raoul be escorted to the Park Hyatt hotel, where Hubert and Juliette are conducting a fundraiser for their charity.

Meanwhile, Assane is overjoyed when Belkacem informs him that all that was discovered in the wreckage of Léonard's automobile was a Coke can. He flees police custody, takes another automobile, and proceeds to Paris, where he successfully rescues Raoul using technology that makes his voice seem like Hubert's.

Lupin 2

Episode 3

After Hubert obtains a favour from Albert Fontan, the strong minister of the interior, the police are obliged to release him. Hubert discovers that Benjamin is Assane's collaborator after his release, and plans to have Léonard murdered in Assane's apartment and blame Assane for it. When Assane realises what has transpired, he flees and encourages Benjamin to do the same before Hubert informs the cops about Benjamin's shop's location.

Episode 4

Belkacem obtains new information that suggests Assane was not the killer of Léonard. Youssef informs her and Laugier about Dumont's corruption, and the three decide to apprehend him during the Pellegrinis' performance at the Théâtre du Châtelet the next evening. Philippe, who is actually Assane's and Benjamin's accomplice, enters the theatre with numerous cases of computer equipment, one of which contains Assane.

When the music starts, Assane slips into Hubert's private box and holds him at knifepoint, compelling him to confess to framing Babakar for the jewellery theft and murdering both him and Fabienne, kidnapping Raoul, and framing Assane for Leonard's death.

Wrapping Up

On July 19, 2018, Netflix ordered a new series based on the figure Arsène Lupin, to be produced by Gaumont Film Company and starring Sy as the eponymous character. “Arsene Lupin, who is an iconic and captivating figure, will take on a new life in this modern rendition, unique in its category,” Sy said in an interview. George Kay and François Uzan will be the showrunners, with Louis Leterrier directing the first three episodes, according to Netflix. The first trailer for the programme was published on September 25, 2020.