What Exactly Is a Moneyline? Examples of How to Place a Moneyline Bet

Sports today have extended their relevance from being a source of entertainment to viewers to being a gold mine for fans who can accurately predict events. Although sports betting has been a prevalent practice since the inception of horse racing, it is now a part of the culture across supporters in different sports. Thanks to the surge of online gambling platforms, staking is now very convenient and accessible. Multiple statistics are used to judge a player or team's performance in every sport, so a correct prediction on any of these can land you a big payout. From betting moneyline to points difference, many options exist to earn cash.

What Is a Moneyline Bet?

The moneyline is a much simpler concept than other options on sports betting platforms, making it a favourite for those betting through the best online casino Australia fast payouts sites. Essentially, to win the bet, you only need to predict the match's winner, without concerning yourself with other details. Only the winning side determines the outcome of your bet, not the margin of scores or points in the game. The odds of these stakes vary depending on the teams playing and the sport. In sports like soccer, where games can end in a draw, your options increase from 2 to 3, adding another layer of strategy without the need to pick a specific winner, enhancing the betting experience at casinos known for quick payouts.

How to Bet on the Moneyline

Unlike spinning a slot machine's reels or predicting the result of a roulette spin, your gamble is not dependent on chance alone in sports betting. The first step is to find a legal and reliable sports bookie with all the games you want to play and fund your wallet through a secure payment method. In sports gambling, every site provides a ticket for picks capable of holding multiple events, although it is often capped at a maximum number. Bookies have different terms for moneyline, meaning the same thing, so you should be sure you're picking the right selections for your ticket. After filling out your slip, you must place your bet and wait for the results. Before heading to your bet provider's site, you should know some things to help you place a better bet on the moneyline.

  • Study Performances of Both Teams or Players: The most crucial part of the selection process is to compare the recent performances of both sides. Especially against the same opponents, the most recent numbers from each side can tell you who is safer for a wager. Although, this gets tricky when two dominant forces play each other.
  • Study History Between the Sides: Further analysis would take you back to previous occasions where both options have played against each other. Sometimes, these events have a pattern that lines up with your bais from reviewing their recent performance. Most gambling sites add this comparison, often called head-to-head or H2H, as part of the stats you can go through before choosing. Although a team's performance has more importance, it is better to refrain from betting against the H2H if it is wildly skewed.
  • Factor Injuries in Your Decision: Unfortunately, team sports face difficulties and challenges, especially when it happens to the most influential athletes on the team. It would help your bets if your research covered the list of players that won't be available for your match. For example, in any NBA moneyline, knowing your choice has the best hands to perform on that day before you stake your money on it is best.
  • Study the Odds: If you have multiple picks in mind, combine them into a single ticket rather than splitting it into various singles. Some avoid doing this because there is the risk of losing it all if at least one prediction needs to be corrected. However, you will get a bigger payout if you are confident with a few picks because the odds of the selections are multiplied to get a sum. Remember that higher odds on a stake suggest lower possibilities of you winning.

Advantages of Moneyline Bets

Deciding who wins a match should take less effort than other details you can bet on because there are only a few things to consider in every sport. Fans with limited information about their favorite sports, e.g. Michigan Wolverine’s Football Team, can still earn from their bookie thanks to the moneyline. If moneyline is a preferred choice to gamble, here are a few reasons that will convince you.

  • Availability: The most prominent companies in sports betting have all the markets you need for the most popular games, but their markets on the less known ones only contain moneylines and a couple of other options. Low-tier sites with a limited market would always have the moneyline for their featured matches.
  • Ease: On each of the sports betting websites you visit, the first thing you notice is how easy it is to locate the moneyline in every market. It is a trendy choice among users, so companies like to organize their sites so that you can quickly locate them. Users new to the site or struggling with technology can still make it to the moneyline of their favourite matches.
  • Safety: Although the odds might not be as rewarding, the moneyline is the only bet that can promise more wins when choosing the favourites. Statistics from the last season show that you win 2 in 3 NFL moneyline bets on average when you select the choices. Safe to say that anyone would happily place a wager if they knew they had more chances of winning.
  • Underdog Bets: Calling an underdog win is best about betting on the moneyline. You are in luck if your analysis convinces you that the less favourite team would win because they always allotted higher odds. Therefore, if your call is correct, you will collect a big one after the game.


A moneyline bet is you picking the better team or player to win a fixture, not regarding the total amount of points or difference. A solid analysis will help you pick right, but it would be advisable always to remember that any choice is a risk. Gambling always contains risk, so keeping it safe and healthy is better by staking only what you can afford to lose and not trying to cover losses through betting. If you approached it this way, you'd have fun betting on the moneyline.

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