What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok? Explanation of a Confusing Term!

Depending on how much time you spend on TikTok, you might find a few new trends, challenges, and dances every day. Over time, you also start to learn the local language. When you didn't know what “fyp” meant, do you remember? That happened long ago!

Remember when you thought “accountants” meant the people who do your taxes? That was a time of chaos. When it comes to the word “ratio,” we've recently found another TikTok puzzle to solve. You might see a lot of comments on some TikTok videos that say “Ratio me” or “Ratio me 1:1.” What does that mean then? Here is what we learned.

What Does Tiktok's “Ratio” Mean?

You've probably heard the word “ratio” when reading the comments on a TikTok video. You'll notice that it's only ever used in response to another comment. That's because the person responding is usually trying to prove something. Specifically, most TikTokers don't agree with the first comment.

What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok

The pattern goes something like this: someone posts a comment, and someone else responds to that comment with “Ratio.” Then, the “ratio” comment either gets more likes than the comment they replied to, or it doesn't. If they successfully “ratio,” others will respond with “W,” which is short for win or winner.

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If they fail, others might say “L,” which stands for loser or loss. In other words, a ratio is a quick way to put a certain opinion to a vote using likes. Even if a comment gets twice as many likes as the video itself, a TikTok video can still be ratioed.

How Did the Word “Ratios” Come to Be?

You might be wondering, “Why do people do this? Can't they write down why they don't agree?” Well, as with most human behavior, trends tend to follow the path of least resistance, and tapping a “like” button is much easier than typing out a thoughtful response.

What Does Ratio Mean on Tiktok

Also, “ratios” are mostly caused by the fact that TikTok doesn't have a dislike button. If there was a way to dislike a video, like on YouTube, the ratio between the likes and dislikes would be shown. Youtube has now made it impossible to see how many people don't like a video.

Is It Always Bad to Be Ratioed on Tiktok?

Usually not. On TikTok, the word “ratio” is used in more than one way, which makes things even more confusing. When someone comments on a TikTok, they might say “ratio me 1:1.”

This means they want their comment to have the same number of likes as the TikTok they are commenting on. So, if a TikTok has 1,000 likes, the user's comment also needs to have 1,000 likes for a 1:1 ratio.

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These ratios can sometimes get a little more complicated and go on and on and on. “Ratio me 1:1:1,” for example, means that the user wants their comment and the reply to their comment to have the same number of likes as their original TikTok.