What Does Pushing P Mean on Tiktok? Explained New Trend

In January 2022, Atlanta-based rapper “Gunna” and fellow artists “Future” and “Young Thug” put out a song called “Pushin' P.”The song quickly went viral and became a hot trend on TikTok. The lyrics to the song were shared all over the internet in Tweets and Instagram stories.

People who use social media often have probably seen the phrase “Pushin P,” which is usually written with a big, bright-blue P emoji. Those who don't know what this word means may find it hard to understand. The artist who made the song that went viral was kind enough to explain what the lyrics meant.

What Does ‘Pushing P' on Tiktok Mean?

Gunna, an Atlanta-based rapper, has a song called “Pushin P.” It was released earlier this month with Young Thug and Future. After the song came out, it quickly went viral and is now being shared on TikTok and other social media sites.

Even though the song is getting more and more popular, many people still don't understand what the title means. “Pushing P” is actually a phrase that has been used for years in the South and some other parts of the country. In other parts of the US, however, the phrase doesn't mean much at all.

During an interview on The Breakfast Club, Gunna said that the letter “P” stands for “player.” However, he has now explained what the phrase means on Twitter. Even though there is no exact definition, “pushing P” basically means “keeping it real,” which is usually a good thing.

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On Tiktok, “Pushing P” Has Become a Huge Hit

Even though Gunna has started to explain what his song is about, the song and the phrase at its heart have become a huge hit on TikTok. Because of how easily the phrase spreads, videos with the hashtag have been seen millions of times.

Gunna has even joined in the fun by commenting on popular videos and giving them grades based on how well they used the term. “Pushing P” is the latest piece of slang that became popular because it was used a lot on social media.

What Does Pushing P Mean on Tiktok

Many phrases that have become popular because of TikTok were first used on the site, but that's not the case here. Instead, “pushing P” went from being a phrase only used in one part of the country to being something that most people on social media at least know about very quickly.

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