What Does Crop Mean on Tiktok? Explanation of the Viral Term

TikTok is full of inside jokes and memes. For example, it's become popular for people to comment “crop” on popular videos. Even though Facebook and Instagram are still by far the most popular social media apps, it's impossible to ignore how popular TikTok is.

TikTok isn't going anywhere soon, thanks to its growing number of users, it's great “For You” algorithm, and its powerful filters and editing tools. TikTok is like any other popular social media site in that there are always new trends, challenges, and memes.

Some of them are easy to understand. TikTok users make videos of things being snapped away from them as part of the Thanos snap trend. Some trends, like the one about the brownie recipe, make no sense at all.

When something goes viral on TikTok, there isn't always a clear reason why. This is one of the things that makes the app so interesting. Here is all the information you need about what “crop” means on TikTok.

What Did “Crop” Mean on Tiktok Originally?

Have you ever downloaded a TikTok video to your phone so you could watch it again or share it, only to find that it was ruined by a TikTok watermark? Or maybe you took a screen recording of a video you couldn't save, but the like and comment buttons on the right side of the screen blocked a key part of the video? Well, then you already know why people were saying “crop” in the first place.

What Does Crop Mean on Tiktok

If there's one thing that's true about TikTokers, it's that they're always willing to think of creative ways to solve problems. As TikTokers struggled to save videos without unwanted marks on the screen, especially fan cams and photos of their favorite celebrities, many TikTokers started asking creators to repost a cropped version of their videos.

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By doing this, users can freely screen record the cropped version of the video or take a screenshot of a still image from the video to use as a phone background without any watermarks from the buttons on their screen.