What Do You Know About The Souvenir Part II ?

If you are a teenager, I am pretty sure that you love watching teen drama movies, as they are so relatable. One such movie that I am going to talk about here is The Souvenir Part II. Teenage is one such phase of life that is full of ambiguity, a blend of emotions, and learning from our mistakes.

THE SOUVENIR – PART 2 follows Julie as she tries to make sense of her feelings for Anthony. Julie uses filmmaking to analyse her experiences throughout the course of five years, culminating in the development of her graduation film. Part Two is the tale of Julie and her creativity if Part One is the storey of Julie and Anthony.


On January 27, 2019, the film made its global debut at the Sundance Film Festival. The film's distribution rights were bought by A24 and Curzon Artificial Eye, respectively, in the United States and the United Kingdom. On May 17, 2019, it was released in the United States, and on August 30, 2019, it was released in the United Kingdom.

Julie, a film student, plans to produce a film on a young child and his mother and their lives in Sunderland. She shares an apartment with a classmate and his girlfriend. After her roommate leaves, she meets Anthony, a well-to-do guy who works at the Foreign Office, who moves in with her.

 In “The Souvenir,” he leaves a postcard with a photograph of the girl. Later, he takes her to the gallery to see the painting. Julie describes the kid as sorrowful, while Anthony describes her as driven.

Anthony must fly to Paris, but he returns with some lingerie, which he requests Julie to wear.

The Souvenir Part II


so we come to “The Souvenir Part II,” an astonishing piece of meta-fiction that picks up where the first film left off while subverting its meticulous structure to reveal why Hogg felt compelled to produce it in the first place.

“Part II,” as sensitive as its predecessor and layered with the same velvet feeling of becoming, adds additional levels of depth and distance to Hogg's self-reflection as it follows Julie through the tumultuous process of producing her graduation video… The terrible narrative of a 25-year-old London girl's connection with an older heroic addict is told in this short.

Julie's film's set is virtually identical to the apartment from “The Souvenir,” with the difference that the camera pulls back to see the aviation hanger that surrounds it.

To put it another way, Hogg is creating a film about her younger self making a film about her younger self's greatest heartbreak, which is essentially a replica of Hogg's prior film (the press notes eloquently refer to “Part II” as “a deconstruction of a reconstruction”).

While the view through the infinity mirror of love dramas isn't nearly as puzzling on paper, or at all, it does get increasingly so as the storey progresses, as slavish re-creation gives way to a more complex synthesis of memory and imagination.

About the Production of THE SOUVENIR – PART II

Honor Swinton Byrne, Robert Pattinson, Tilda Swinton, Richard Ayoade, and Ariane Labed joined the cast of the film in May 2017, with Joanna Hogg directing from her own screenplay. Under their separate umbrellas of Element Pictures, BBC Films, and Sikelia Productions, Luke Schiller, Ed Guiney, Rose Garnett, Lizzie Francke, Emma Norton, Andrew Lowe, Martin Scorsese, and Emma Tillinger Koskoff will serve as producers on the project.

The film's distribution rights were bought by A24 in January 2019. Pattinson stepped out of the movie in June 2019 owing to schedule problems with The Batman.

Wrapping up

Charlie Heaton, Harris Dickinson, and Joe Alwyn were added to the cast of the film in August 2019, with Heaton and Dickinson replacing Pattinson. On June 3, 2019, principal photography began. In July of this year, the filming was completed. And now you stand here with the opportunity to see part II as soon as you get free from your work. So happy watching and stay healthy. And for information about upcoming series and movies stay updated with our website.