What do you know about The Forever Purge?

Whether you love action films plus horror films and have watched everything under the sun or you are just looking for a new genre or a new take on the existing genres, if any of this is true for you, you should watch “The Forever Purge”. The forever purge is the 5th and probably the final instalment to the ongoing Purge Series. This film was directed by Everardo Gout. The Forever purge has received excellent ratings from the audience.

If we talk about ratings, it has received 5.4/10 in IMDB and 49% fresh in Rotten Tomatoes. So, yes, according to the critics, it is an average movie. But talking from personal experience, I liked the movie, although I have not seen the whole Purge series, I intend to watch the series because this movie seems intriguing to me.  

What The Forever Purge is all About

Now, if someone doesn’t know about the purge series, a little recap wouldn’t hurt. Purge series is set in a dystopian world in the future, where the US is ruled by a totalitarian government, which sanctions a 12 hour period called “Purge” where everything is legal. Be that be robbery or murder, you’d be punished for nothing.

Yes, you read that right, every act becomes legal.

It all started after a new party called NFFA(New Founding Fathers of America) came into existence and took office in 2014. The US, as we know, has become the worst place to live with poverty and overburdened debts with increasing taxes being the peak of trouble.

Here enters the idea of Purge, where all crimes are made legal. This was made as a measure to get rid of the lowest rungs and the highest rungs because they are the most vengeful. The first purge took place in 2017; people were given rewards for killing others or just staying inside their homes. This experiment was not exactly a success, but the party members sent their own hired militia to ignite big pieces of land to make people realize that this was a huge success.

The Forever Purge

The purge becomes widely accepted as a national holiday by 2022, the NFFA’s mission becomes a success. Class Division becomes clear; in the middle-class suburbs, these are tolerated and also lightly indulged in. But, due to a turn of events, an anti-purge resistance starts taking shape in 2023.

After this, the story continues with the purge’s tv series till 2040. By 2040, the NFFA begins to crumble, and realizing that it has lost control, it decided to kidnap the person who is responsible for all his anti-purge resistance Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). But she was saved. 

From here begins the story of The forever purge. 2048, the NFFA has regained control, suppressed anti-purgers, and again started the Purge with the original rules enacted in the previous years. This time purge will be much more dangerous. The Forever Purge story focuses on a couple, Juan and Adela.

They have to go through the struggles of the purge. And due to the widespread damage, has caused Canada and Mexico to open their border for 6 hours for the non-purgers through El Passo. But when the group arrived at El Passo, they realized that it is a mess here.

And also, a nationwide Martial Law was implemented to limit the violence because NFFA’s politicians were being targeted as well. But Canada and Mexico have decided to close their borders early, leaving the people who were trying to cross vulnerable. The story focuses on their journey ahead and NFFA’s downfall.

Now, I don’t want to give any spoilers, furthers, so why don't you plan to watch it?

Wrapping Up

If I talk about why I like this movie, particularly because of a few action sequences and also the purge’s unique take on crimes and racism. Also, this is not a movie of action genre only; it is also quite emotional and a bit of a love story. So, it has everything to become a fantastic movie. 

It is a good movie and justifies the previous movies in the series. If you loved this article, please like the article and do comment down your thoughts below. Also, check out other articles on our site, to know about the upcoming movies and series like Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 4 or MIDNIGHT IN THE SWITCHGRASS?