What Do you Know About American Pickers?

American Pickers is an American reality television series that premiered on January 18, 2010 on History, produced by A&E Television Networks in collaboration with Cineflix Media. Adding to the spice is the current dispute going on in the show. You will get to know this spicy new in this article so keep reading it till the then, because I am sure you would not like to miss it.

Whats there in American Pickers?

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antique and collectible pickers, travel around the United States buying (or “picking”) various artefacts for resale, for clients, or for their personal collections. Danielle Colby is the office manager for Wolfe's company, Antique Archaeology, which is based in Le Claire, Iowa, and has recently expanded to Nashville, Tennessee. They used to travel in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, but now they travel in a Ford Transit.

Fritz sells his finds at his own shop in Savanna, Illinois, and earlier on his now-defunct website, Frank Fritz Finds. The men hit the road, not only following up on leads produced by Colby, but also “freestyling” – stopping at places that appear to have stuff worth purchasing. They also choose some locations multiple times. Wolfe and Fritz narrate the series' introduction.

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Mike and Frank go through people's homes, barns, sheds, outbuildings, and other areas where antiques and treasures have been stored. They seek amateur and professional collectors, hoarders, and persons who have inherited large collections of objects with which they are unsure what to do.

Wolfe, who has been picking since he was four years old[4], is particularly fond of antique motorcycles, air-cooled Volkswagens (pronounced “votes-wagon”), old bicycles, and penny-farthings, while Fritz enjoys antique toys, oil cans, and old Hondas, with a particular fondness for peanut-related items.

They've bought vintage ads and commercial signage, movie posters, a rare 15-gallon visible gasoline pump, and a Piaggio Ape (pronounced ah-pay), which one of their buddies claims is the only one of its sort in North America. Antique Archaeology had acquired part of a historic 1914 car factory in Nashville, Tennessee, which originally built the Marathon automobile, for a second business location to reduce the distance required to bring their treasures from the southern state, according to American Pickers in December 2011.

Spicy News That You Should Know

Even after reality star Frank Fitz was dismissed months ago, fans of American Pickers are expressing out as the show continues to sell blankets, tee-shirts, and other goods portraying him. Following a message from the American Pickers Twitter account touting new holiday items, followers clapped back.

“I believe it is time to boycott American Pickers,” one supporter said. It irritates me greatly that they ejected Frank. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that? It's making me sick. Hope you're still paying the bearded charmer, another openly asked if Frank was still getting paid by his old job. He is deserving of it.


Frank, 57, last appeared in an episode of the popular show in March 2020. His termination appeared to be the result of a long-running disagreement with co-star Mike Wolfe. Frank disclosed his feud with Mike, 57, who continues to feature on the History Channel show, in an exclusive interview with The Sun. “I haven't spoken to Mike in two years,” Frank explained. He was aware that my back was in trouble, yet he did not contact me to inquire about my well-being. That's just the way things are.
However, supporters looking for a joyous reunion should not hold their breath. Frank stated to The Sun that putting on the event after such a long period of time without speaking to anyone would be “difficult.” “You couldn't just put two individuals in a van and get the connection you get from me and Mike,” he explained. We've been friends for about 40 years. We have the ability to finish each other's sentences.

How the Show was Received by Audience?

On January 18, 2010, the series premiered. The opening episode of American Pickers drew 3.1 million viewers, the most for a History channel premiere since Ice Road Truckers in 2007.  The episode “Laurel & Hardy” on September 8, 2010, drew 5.3 million viewers in the 25–54 age range, according to Nielsen ratings. The show was still the top new non-fiction series of 2010 among all viewers and adults 25–54 as of that episode.

In Australia, where it can be seen on Channel 7mate, American Pickers has also been a smash. Aussie Pickers, an Australian version of the show, launched on 7mate in 2013. The show lasted two seasons and aired till 2014. Road to Riches premiered on A&E Australia in 2019.

Wrapping Up

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