What Do You Know About A.P. Bio Season 4?

A.P. Bio is an American comedy television series that debuted as a mid-season replacement on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) on February 1, 2018. It ran on NBC for two seasons till June 13, 2019, after which it was relocated to Peacock for the following seasons.

A.P. Bio Season 4

We sat up with O'Brien to talk about the journey so far, now that all eight episodes of A.P. Bio season 4 are available to view on Peacock. We opted to ask about each of Season 4's eight episodes since we're thorough.

Episode 1

“Tornado” starts with a tornado exercise, which should be familiar to many present and former Midwestern students. The idea of evading a tornado's destructive power by gathering in a hallway and hoping it doesn't see you is ripe for comedy. A.P. Bio, on the other hand, chooses to go in a different way. This event serves as a platform for Whitlock High students to share slash fiction stories about their professors.

Episode 2

“We tried to borrow some of the tropes of true cults,” says O'Brien. “It felt like I'd just watched Midsommar, and I've long been a fan of The Source Family. There are so many good fiction and nonfiction cult movies and things to discuss and imitate that authors are constantly discussing and emulating.”

a.p. bio season 4

Episode 3

Jack is in need of some pals after his breakup with Lynette (Elizabeth Alderfer). Unfortunately, the only way he knows to catch their attention is to ask them to play the world's most difficult board game. “After Googling ‘hardest games to learn,' I came across Twilight Imperium. It's consistently in the top five. “It's a lot,” admits O'Brien. “Talk about delving deep down a rabbit hole. I spent more time on YouTube watching lessons for that game than anything else.”

Episode 4

Though the wonderful Joe Manganiello makes an appearance later on, Bruce Campbell, the cult movie icon, is the biggest addition to A.P. Bio season 4. Jack's nasty father, played by the iconic Evil Dead actor, is attempting to turn over a new leaf.
“Welcoming Campbell aboard was really cool,” O'Brien says. “He may not be as well-known as Tom Cruise, but his followers are fervent. Several members of the crew, as well as a few of the writers, were going insane. Glenn, I believe, was a major fan and was really enthusiastic.”

Episode 5

Time ran out of time while talking with Mike O'Brien about “The Perfect Date From Hell.” That's a pity, because there's a lot going on here! There was a lot to unpack this week, from the introduction of Jack's new love interest Shayla (Hayley Marie Norman) to Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt) going all Undercover Boss. Oh well, we'll get to hear all about Durbs' bizarre prostheses next time.

Episode 6

After serving as a cult leader in “Sweatpants,” this is Victor's second big showcase episode of the season. Things are a lot less sinister this time. This half-hour is a satire of '90s teen romance films (complete with Third Eye Blind soundtrack), in which a lovable schlub falls for the popular lady and fails to notice his true love was right in front of him the entire time. “It was a big Victor season in the end.” “He basically takes over this episode and has a number of other really amazing moments,” says O'Brien.

Episode 7

It's no secret that Paula Pell, who plays school secretary Helen Henry Demarcus, is a huge component of A.P. Bio's popularity. Over the course of three seasons, the show has portrayed her as a Paul Bunyan-like character capable of incredible feats and bursting at the seams with a truly bizarre past. Helen has a lot of internal history on A.P. Bio, but until this season, the show hasn't truly reckoned with her as a sexual creature. And here is the episode that goes the furthest into Helen's horny heart, with spectacular results.

Wrapping Up

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