What Are Doubloons on TikTok and Why They Are Trending?

If you've used the short-video app TikTok at all in the past few years, you've probably come across one or more of the many strange difficulties and trends that have spread like wildfire across the platform.

The latest information is that TikTok has spawned yet another odd and perplexing craze involving doubloons, a cryptocurrency, and videos of a cat, who reportedly “gifts” the users the said doubloons.

What Are Doubloons on Tiktok?

Doubloons are a type of currency that has been around for hundreds of years and has its origins in Spain. The topic of money is frequently brought up in modern pirate fiction. But the doubloons that are trending on TikTok today are unrelated to the tales I just cited.

what are doubloons tiktok

TikTok's virtual currency is called “doubloons.” Users can store this digital currency in digital banks and trade it for a variety of physical goods; it has no real-world equivalent. Soup, blankets, salads, coats, and even some services are just some of the things that can be bought with doubloons.

According to coinmarketcap.com, the current price of one doubloon token is $0.03968 USD as of 23 November 2022.

Why Do Doubloons Become a Popular Topic on Tiktok?

In the latter half of 2022, the topic of “doubloons” became popular on TikTok. To signify the doubloons trend, TikTok's For You page features a cat with its paws up.

By following the cat's directions in films, you can earn a portion of the doubloons. You can keep your digital cash in a digital bank.

You can use it to get food and other necessities like blankets, soup, and salad. However, many TikTokers claim that the inflation rate of doubloons is through the roof.

There's some ambiguity as to whether TikTokers mean cryptocurrency or a made-up game currency.

What's Up With the Cat?

All of a sudden, everyone's TikTok sites have a cat, and it seems like the feline is in charge of the doubloon craze. The cat arrives, extending its paw toward the monitor and offering several doubloons for your attention. If you do as the cat says, you'll be showered with additional cash.

Given that more and more individuals are experiencing this, the value of a doubloon has declined as there are now many more of them in circulation.

The feline proprietor sets the prices, too, by raising up a paw to indicate the amount.

However, many people have fallen for a possible fraud in which they were promised endless doubloons. Somehow, I doubt this is real.

What Is The Opinion Of The Online Audience?

Those who have tried their hand at the “Doubloons challenge” on TikTok have been left scratching their heads. Users participate in the trend by carrying out various activities in order to acquire virtual currency, which can then be used to acquire various in-game products.

It's not known what began the craze, but now many spend hours a day trying to rack up as many doubloons as they can. Yet other Twitter users have taken to the platform to voice their bewilderment at the fad.

Users are spending real money to acquire virtual currency, therefore some are concerned that the movement could be a kind of gambling.

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