West Wing Season 6: What Happened to Leo in This Season?

The sixth season of the American political drama television series The West Wing aired on NBC from October 20, 2004, to April 6, 2005, and featured 22 episodes.

  • Created by: Aaron Sorkin
  • Production companies: John Wells Productions; Warner Bros. Television
  • Original network: NBC
  • Initial release: September 22, 1999 –; May 14, 2006
  • Genre: Serial drama; Political drama

When Will We Get The Season 6 Of West Wing

West wing season 6 release date October 20, 2004.

west wing season 1 release date September 22, 1999
west wing season 2 release date October 4, 2000
west wing season 3 release date October 3, 2001
west wing season 4 release date September 25, 2002
west wing season 5 release date September 24, 2003

West Wing Season 6: Plot

The sixth season begins with Israeli and Palestinian delegations arriving at Camp David for peace talks. Despite problems at the summit, President Bartlet agrees, but not before firing Leo as chief of staff.

In the aftermath, Leo suffers a heart attack, causing a reshuffle of the White House staff. CJ Cregg is appointed chief of staff, but she struggles to adjust, exacerbated by the President's worsening multiple sclerosis and the First Lady's interference in conserving his energy.

West Wing Season 6

From the White House, Josh persuades Texas Congressman Matt Santos to run for President. After a rocky start, he finds himself in a three-way race for the Democratic nomination, alongside Vice President Russell and former Vice President Hoynes.

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While the Republican primaries produce a clear winner in California Senator Arnold Vinick, a moderate, the Democratic ticket is not finalized until the Democratic National Convention, where Santos is chosen as the party's presidential nominee, with Leo McGarry as his running mate. Meanwhile, the White House has leaked sensitive national security information to reporter Greg Brock.

West Wing Season 6: Cast

The sixth season featured twelve major roles with star billing, nine of which were filled by returning prominent cast members from the fifth season.

Besides Jimmy Smits and Martin Sheen, who is given the “with” and “and” credits, the prominent cast members are listed alphabetically. Only the episodes in which Smits, Alda, and Channing appear are credited.

Recurring cast:

Gary Cole as Vice President Bob Russell, Tim Matheson as former Vice President John Hoynes, and Mark Feuerstein as Senate Majority Counsel Clifford Calley all returned in recurring roles. For one episode, Roger Rees reprised his role as British ambassador Lord John Marbury.

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Kristin Chenoweth has joined the recurring cast as Annabeth Schott, a former feature writer who takes on the role of Deputy Press Secretary. Ed O'Neill, a frequent guest star, played Governor Eric Baker, with Mel Harris (as Senator Rafferty) and Christopher Lloyd (as Lawrence Lessig) appearing in one episode each.

Actors who left the cast include John Amos as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Percy Fitzwallace, who was killed in the previous season's penultimate episode, Jesse Bradford as intern Ryan Pierce, and Michael Hyatt as legislative affairs advisor Angela Blake.

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West Wing Season 6: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Leo in Season 6 of the West Wing?

He is Resuscitated, Survives, and Later Returns to Work as Senior Counselor to the President Following Bartlet's Final State of the Union Address. C. J. Cregg served as White House Press Secretary and Succeeded Mcgarry as Chief of Staff on His Recommendation.

Why Did Josh Lyman Leave the West Wing?

After a Meeting With Texas Congressman Matt Santos, He Urged Santos to Run for President. Josh Later Left the White House to Serve as Campaign Manager for the Santos/McGarry for a Brighter America Campaign and Was Appointed Chief of Staff When Santos Won.

Is Josh Leaving the West Wing?

In the Sixth-season Episode “Impact Winter,” Donna Quits Her Job as Josh's Assistant Because She Sees No Opportunities for Advancement. She Begins Working on Vice President Bob Russell's Presidential Campaign. Around the Same Time, Josh Quits His Job to Work on Matt Santos' Campaign.