Netflix’s Wendell and Wild Release Date: Cast Members and Plot Details

The devil is in the details when it comes to stop-motion animated films, and this is especially true. A new horror-themed animated picture, Wendell and Wild, will premiere on Netflix in 2022.

Henry Selick and Jordan Peele's collaboration on The Nightmare Before Christmas and Key and Peele has already garnered much attention and anticipation from fans of both films. It is up to Wendell and Wild to keep an eye on two demon brothers plotting to enter our realm.

They struck a bargain with a little girl, but it's possible they overreached. We expect nothing less than the best from Netflix's next animated offering, and we can't wait to see what they have in store. Here's what we know about the forthcoming animated flick Wendell and Wild.

The Release Date of Wendell and Wild

According to the reports, Wendell and Wild will be available to the public sometime in October 2022. However, no announcement has been made regarding a definite release date for the movie.

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Wendell and Wild will be featured as part of Geeked Week, which will take place in June 2022 on Netflix, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that further information on the movie will be disclosed during the event.

The Cast of Wendell and Wild

Wendell and Wild Release Date
Wendell and Wild Release Date

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who initially collaborated on creating a comedy sketch series on Comedy Central called Key & Peele, will reconnect to re-invent their unique brand of humor for the upcoming film Wendell and Wild. When you consider that Key will be portraying Wendell and Peele will be portraying Wild, you can be assured that we are in for a delightfully fun time.

Lyric Ross, who plays the role of Kat Elliot, the young girl who makes a pact with the devil brothers, also joins them in this performance. Angela Basset will play the role of Sister Helley, while James Hong will play the role of Father Bests.

Sam Zelaya plays the role of Raul, Ving Rhames portrays Buffalo Belzer, and Seema Virdi, Tamara Smart, and Ramona Young represent Sloane, Siobhan, and Sweetie. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Ramona Young.

Wendell and Wild Crew: Who's Behind the Animation?

Wendell and Wild Release Date
Wendell and Wild Release Date

Oscar Nominee Henry Selick, arguably best known for The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, co-wrote the script for Wendell and Wild with Jordan Peele, who is now a well-known filmmaker with another film called Nope scheduled to be released soon.

When the announcement for the animated feature was made in 2015, the production had not yet been tied to Netflix; nevertheless, the streaming service eventually acquired the film after it had already been revealed.

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Pablo Lobato, an artist from Argentina, was responsible for the design of the film's characters. Wendell and Wild will both have Jordan Peele, Henry Selick, and The Gotham Group serving as producers.

Wendell and Wild: What's the Animated Film's Plot?

Wendell and Wild Release Date
Wendell and Wild Release Date

The book Wendell and Wild recounts the tale of two demon brothers who struck a bargain with Kat Elliot. Kat is a troubled young woman who is an acolyte to Sister Helley, a nun who seeks to destroy devils with a passion. Kat is burdened with a great deal of guilt due to her work with Sister Helley.

We don't know much else about the film at this point. Still, given that Henry Selick will be directing it and Jordan Peele will be contributing to the script's development, we can rest assured that Wendell and Wild will be eerie, clever, and packed with hilarious moments.

The following is the film's official plot summary as provided by Netflix:

“Wendell & Wild is an animated tale about scheming demon brothers Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Peele), who enlist the aid of 13-year-old Kat Elliot, a troubled teen with a load of guilt, to summon them to the Land of the Living. This story comes from the delightfully wicked minds of Henry Selick and Jordan Peele. But what Kat asks for in exchange sets in motion a fantastical animated tale that defies the natural order of life and death, all of which is brought to life via the handmade craftsmanship of stop motion animation.”

The Trailer for Wendell and Wild

Where to Watch Wendell and Wild

Once the animated movie, Wendell and Wild, is made available on Netflix in October 2022, you can view it there. The concept of striking a bargain with the devil is reimagined thanks to Wendell and Wild.

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The film will be a delight to see for viewers of all ages thanks to the clever comedy writing style of Jordan Peele and the distinctive manner in which Henry Selick tells stories. We are counting down the days until October arrives so that we can start getting excited about Halloween and all of the frightening things that come with it, especially Wendell and Wild.