Weak Hero Chapter 246 Spoilers, Release Date, Recap, Where to Read and Everything!

The time has come for the last battle between Weak Hero protagonists Ben Park and Donald Na, and fans have been counting down the seconds for years. They tried to milk the series for as much as it was worth by dragging out the tale past where it should have stopped after season 2, but the result was that they lost viewers and fans of the show.

Those who did not give up, however, will finally have a chance to relax after the Manhwa is over. I don't see Ben beating Donald Na in their upcoming bout because Na is simply too powerful.

He may put Donald Na in a vulnerable position, allowing Grey to finish him out. Whatever it is, it would be satisfying to witness their final showdown. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we receive a happy ending. In this article, we will read Weak Hero Chapter 246 Spoilers, release date, and everything in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Weak Hero Chapter 246 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, at KST, the next installment of the Weak Hero Chapter will be made available. Each new chapter appears every week.

Weak Hero Chapter 246 Spoilers

The events leading up to the fight between Donald Ma and Ben Park will be reviewed briefly. After all, he must have a fascinating history that explains how he got stranded and how Grey found him just in time to save his life.

Grey rode out fast to look for Ben the last time we saw him. He had just a few leads as to where the Eunjang leader might be, so he intended to cover a lot of ground quickly. Finding out how he feels about being stuck at this critical juncture would be fascinating.

Weak Hero Chapter 246 Spoilers

Even though Ben will be disappointed to be found, he will be grateful to Grey for discovering him. After that, we'll return to the present to see Donald Ma and Ben Park's fight get underway. There was certain to be hostility between the two people the moment they met.

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Weak Hero Chapter 245

In Chapter 245, Donald Na stepped into the arena to face up against Ben Park. Donald Na told Ben that he is willing to give him a chance despite the fact that, in his opinion, the bout's outcome is already set.

He added that he respects Ben's will to fight and that the performances of Eunjang, White Mamba, and Ben made a quiet effect on him. Even though he has a numerical advantage over Eunjang, he is giving him one last chance.

To that end, he was making extra efforts to get him to rethink his Union membership. All the soldiers on the ground were taken aback by the news. Concerns were raised as to Donald Na's motivations for asking Ben Park to Union.

Ben Park told Donald Na that he did not want to join his Union because he had never worked under anyone before, much less someone who played such a silly game with titles and seniority.

And as Eugene still couldn't get to his feet, he instructed Donald Na to shut up and fight. Donald Na told him that he had already explained the situation with Eugene to the White Mamba so that he would get it, but that the White Mamba had not yet told Ben.

Since he was having no success communicating with Ben, he decided to resort to physical force. He warned Ben that if they got into a fight, he would not hold back. Ben's mind was making preparations for battle.

Ben initiates the battle by punching Donald Na in the face, but Donald blocks the blow and counters with his own, which is also blocked by Ben. The speed with which Ben was beating Donald Na astonished everyone.

Weak Hero Chapter 246 Spoilers

The group gained confidence after witnessing his fierce battle stance. But it wasn't quite that easy; Donald seemed calm during his confrontation with Ben. Ben kept punching Donald Na in the face, but Donald Na was always able to avoid the blows and wait for an opening.

He recognized Ben's attack was leaving him vulnerable, so he punched him in the upper torso, knocking him off balance. Donald Na takes this opportunity to kick him in the shin, but Ben is quick on his feet and blocks the blow with both hands.

Ben followed up with a powerful punch that sent Donald flying. At the end of the chapter, after being knocked around by Ben Park, Donald Na finally becomes excited.

Where Can You Read Weak Hero Chapter 246?

For those of you who are interested in reading Weak Hero but aren't sure where to do so, we'd like to point you in the direction of Webtoons, where you may find Chapter 246.

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