Weak Hero Chapter 244 Release Date, Recap and Where To Read!

In Weak Hero Chapter 243, the long-running conflict between Wolf Keum of Eunchang and Jake Ji of the Union was finally resolved. Wolf Keum appeared to be effortlessly dispatching Jake Ji, despite the fact that the two opponents were evenly matched.

The outcome of the conflict might soon swing the advantage to one side or the other. In light of Eunchang's current predicament, viewers are eagerly anticipating the next episode to see how he deals with Union.

The action and drama Manhwa Weak Hero rose to fame thanks to its gritty and often brutal depiction of battles between rival gang members and its portrayal of the protagonist's ascent through the ranks of the gang despite his obvious physical inferiority.

Weak Hero Chapter 244 Release Date

The mysterious Grey Yeon is the protagonist of this story. He attends Eungjang High School, a place where crooks and bullies are commonplace.

Weak Hero Chapter 244 Release Date

Saturday, May 6, 2023, at midnight KST will see the release of Chapter 244 of Weak Hero.

Weak Hero Chapter 243 Recap

Wolf Keum and Jake Ji have a fierce battle in the previous chapter of Weak Hero. Wolf Keum and Jake Ji are relatively evenly matched, but it really bothers Jake Ji that no matter how many times Wolf Keum gets knocked down, he always gets back up.

After taking several blows, Wolf Keum continues the fight, leaving Jake Ji to ponder if he will have to kill Wolf Keum to win. The rest of Ganghak was taken aback by Wolf Keum's behavior, as they had never seen him behave so recklessly before.

Nobody had ever seen Wolf Keum clench his teeth and show such determination to battle before. Wolf Keum launches another assault on Jake Ji, but Jake Ji blocks each blow and knocks Keum to the ground.

Wolf Keum will eventually die, according to Jake Ji, who then asks if he wants to be killed. Jake Ji is haunted by memories of a discussion he had with a buddy about Wolf Keum. Jake Ji has always been intrigued by Wolf Keum, particularly by his fighting style and demeanor.

Wolf Keum takes Jake Ji by the collar and repeatedly punches him in the face, declaring that he will no longer hold back. If Wolf Keum is finished, Jake Ji says he, too, will no longer hold back.

Weak Hero Chapter 244 Release Date

With a wild expression on his face, Wolf Keum grips Jake Ji's face after he is punched by Jake Ji, who tells him that their style of fighting is boring. Wolf Keum, having held both sides of Jake Ji's face, raises his leg in preparation to knee him in the face.

To everyone's amazement, Jake Ji hits Wolf Keum's knee to alter its direction. After a few exchanges, Jake Ji manages to knock Wolf Keum down cold with a surprise assault. The loss of Wolf Keum, Eunjang's best warrior, tipped the odds in favor of the Union.

Where You Can Read Weak Hero Chapter 244 Online?

You can read Weak Hero right now on the Naver Comics website! This manhwa has official English translations available on the LINE Webtoons app.

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