We Hunt Together Season 2 Release Date: Will Lola and Reid Become Closer to One Another?

The British television series We Hunt Together premiered on the Alibi channel on May 27, 2020, and is currently broadcasting. The series is one of Showtime's most famous crime dramas, and it is also published in the United States on the network.

FuboTV also reveals the series in its entirety. The first season of the sequence comprises six episodes and incorporates elements of the crime drama, psychological drama, and thriller genres.

After airing two episodes each week for three weeks, the sitcom finished its first season in three weeks. Fans of the series wonder if there will be a second season of We Hunt Together on Netflix.

We Hunt Together Season 2
We Hunt Together Season 2

Gaby Hull is the show's creator, and Carl Tibbetts and Jon Jones were in charge of the series' direction. Those who worked on the project were Philippa Collie Cousins and Anne Pivcevic and Martin Rakusen, Hilary Salmon, and Esther Springer. What will the story arc be for the upcoming season?

The Showtime television network in the United States purchased the broadcast rights to the series, which had episodes that lasted between 42 and 45 minutes. A total of four significant characters will be included in the series, which promises a detective partnership with two very different approaches to crime, bothersome killers, and a weird and delectable sense of black comedy, among other things.

What Will the Plot Be for Season 2?

We Hunt Together Season 2
We Hunt Together Season 2

According to the television series We Hunt Together fans, the show's second season will be far more interesting than the first. Today, we'll take a peek at what will happen in the second season of We Hunt Together! Here is all of the information you need to know about We Hunt Together 2.

Season narrative that gets you pumped up to the maximum extent possible! The second season continues with Lola and Reid finding themselves in various situations where they might bond.

Lola comes into a new victim case. The amount of time they spend together may make the line between them blurry, and the two may become closer to one another. So, what could it possibly be about?

Reid, along with Lola, begins to pursue a couple who are connected to the case. In this particular instance, it turns out that the victim is not just murdered. The victim was humiliated either before or after they were murdered.


As a result, Lola and Reid begin a chase for a suspected pair. In their investigation, they learn a little more about the lady in the couple: This woman is one of those individuals who enjoys the feeling of being intellectually superior on her dates.

Throughout the season, the tale of the murders and the story of the investigators continue to go in two different directions, respectively. At various points in the plot, both sexual desire and emotional manipulation are brought to the forefront of the narrative.

This season, it appears that the streets of London are being photographed most fantastically. The city, adorned with neon advertising signs and experiencing muted, chilly weather, will stand out in the second season with these aesthetically pleasing appearances.

Lola and Reid will continue to deal with additional criminal cases in this gloomy and slightly steamy atmosphere that prevails in London.

Are We Hunt Together Returning for a Second Season?

We Hunt Together Season 2
We Hunt Together Season 2

According to official information provided by the broadcaster channel Alibi, the series has been renewed for a second season for airing. Six episodes have been ordered for the second season of the series, which will be broadcast in 2021, the same number as for the first season. The second season of the show is scheduled to premiere in May 2022. The second season will most likely be shown on Showtime in the United States.


Who Are the Main Characters in We Hunt Together?

We Hunt Together Season 2
We Hunt Together Season 2

Hermione Corfield, who is most known for her role as Freddy Lane in the Halcyon series, brings to life the character of a phone sex prostitute. Freddy is a young woman who is flirtatious, manipulative, and relaxed. After meeting Baba in a club one night, he finds his life more risky and exciting.

Dipo Ola plays Dipo Ola, a Nigerian immigrant with a troubled background who meets Freddy at a club where he works as a toilet attendant and who, after that night, falls prey to Freddy's seduction. Dipo Ola is well known for his role in Baghdad Central's television series.

Before this case, two detectives worked on a murder investigation together and became partners. We are familiar with Eve Myles from the television programs Keeping Faith, Broadchurch, and Torchwood, as Lola Franks and the films Into the Badlands, Guerrilla, and A.D., is a British actress. We watch Babou Ceesay, who may be familiar to you from television shows like The Bible Continues.

Where was We Hunt Together Filmed?

In April of this year, several sequences for We Hunt Together's second season were filmed in Newport, Wales.

When are We Hunt Together on TV?

Season two of We Hunt Together will premiere on Alibi at 9 p.m. on May 5. Alibi is available on Sky and Virgin TV.