We Have a Ghost Ending Explained: The Real Villain Is Revealed!

The Presley family moves into a new house and discovers that a ghost already lives there in the horror comedy We Have a Ghost. Netflix subscribers can watch it right now. In this article, we will read the ending explanation of We Have a Ghost in detail. Let's read it.

Plot Synopsis of We Have A Ghost

The film opens with a terrified family running out of their home. The same house is sold to a new family years later, but the previous owners never discuss what happened there. The new owners are Kevin, Frank, Mel0anie, and Fulton Presley.

While everyone else makes every effort to settle in, Kevin remains plainly unconvinced. Eventually, Kevin discovers the house's secret after meeting his neighbor, Joy Yushino. The place is haunted by a ghost.

Kevin claims that his own life is scarier than anything the show has to offer, thus none of the scares have any effect on him. Seeing the name Ernest on its suit, he concluded that this was the ghost's name.

All of his loved ones learn about the otherworldly encounter from him. Ernest and Kevin become friends. As soon as Frank finds out, the first thing he wants to do is record the evidence and post it online so he can make money off of it.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

Kevin understands that Ernest's amnesia is the result of a traumatic event that occurred in the past and that this is why he cannot remember who he is or where he came from. Together, he and Joy look for clues about his background.

During this time, the video skyrockets in popularity, and Ernest begins to amass a legion of devoted followers. Even TV's ghost-finding medium, Judy Romano, shows up. For her, it all seems too good to be true, and she is convinced that Ernest is actually an illusion.

Kevin successfully scares Judy after giving her some advice on how to be more frightening. Former CIA operative turned paranormal investigator Dr. Leslie Monroe was trying to round up apparitions.

Finding Ernest, she goes to go back to the authorities and gets the operation back on track. Kevin and Joy figure out who Ernest really is. Someone who doesn't resemble him and is still living exists. He previously occupied the home of the Presleys.

They conclude that he must have information and get Ernest to go outside. At a bar, where there is a photo of the real Ernest and the ghost from before his death, they discover more information.

In the street, Ernest spots a girl who reminds him of someone else. “Junebug,” he calls out to her, and then he walks over to her. Everybody there films her screaming in terror as she loses her composure.

When they find Ernest, he reveals that the ghost is actually Randy, the brother-in-law of Ernest's wife. A month after the birth of their baby in June, Evelyn passed away. Randy unexpectedly showed up at their house and begged them to look after her temporarily.

He disappeared without a trace, and Ernest speculates that he drank himself to death. The CIA shows up at Randy's residence out of the blue and takes him into custody. Although Randy is thrown in a cage, the Presleys are set free.

We Have a Ghost ending explained in detail:

What Exactly Occurred With Randy?

After many failed attempts, Leslie is pleased to have captured a ghost. The CIA's indications that they can do whatever they want with him now that he is technically dead appear to worry her.

The sight of a bird pin brings back additional memories for Randy. He recalls Ernest's wife, Ramona, stealing June as he swung a bird statue at him from behind. The truth dawns on him: he is not the bad guy. After being threatened by the lab staff, Randy is rescued by Leslie and given a way out.

Eventually, Ernest visits the Presleys at their home. Despite the fact that they are completely unaware of the truth and Randy has forgotten it all, he is convinced that they are onto him and wants to quiet them.

He tells Ramona that they have the potential to start a family. Once Evelyn passed away, Ramona decided to eliminate Randy at her suggestion.

Is Ernest Really Dead?

Ernest is on the hunt for the whole family and has every intention of killing them. He adds that June has stopped communicating with them and likely is aware of the truth. In the end, Ernest has the upper hand and is about to kill Kevin when Randy steps in. As a result of his anger at them, he attacks Ernest with a blow to the head.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

Upon his arrival, Frank sees that Ernest has climbed to his feet and is preparing to fire at Kevin. He lunges at him and tosses him to his death through the open window. The Presleys are relieved that everyone is safe and well.

Is Randy's Case Resolved?

Randy vanishes after this incident. Kevin claims Randy simply departed after gaining closure, but the CIA is skeptical. In reality, he and his daughter June were introduced to the family later on. Randy eventually reconciled with her.

He then began to fade away, leaving the Presleys with a parting smile. The CIA begs Kevin to tell them what occurred, but he only smiles. Afterward, the Presleys will relocate to a new home five kilometers distant.

Joy expresses her displeasure, but Kevin tells her that he will come to meet her. The two are obviously attracted to one another. Kevin asks whether Randy is keeping an eye on them from wherever he is, and Joy says she doesn't know, but it may be true.

Kevin and Joy leave the room hand in hand, smiling with hope. A solitary light bulb flickers, indicating that Randy is actually keeping an eye on them.

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