We Are OFK: Everything We Know So Far

Ofk, an interactive game that tells the origin story of the real-life indie pop group OFK, appears to be the next indie gem to emerge from the ashes of Valve's Steam platform. Featuring moody imagery and smooth beats, the cozy adventure captures the experiences of a group of friends in their 20s as they try to find love, pay their rent, and carve out a place in the Los Angeles music scene, among other things. The animated film “We Are OFK” features a diverse cast of voices, including Ally Maki (from “Toy Story 4” and “Dear White People,” as well as “Squid Game,” “Squid Game,” and Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl from the animated series “Steven Universe,” among others).

We Are OFK

One of the most appealing aspects of “We Are OFK” may be the wide variety of characters that appear in the film. This is in addition to the art direction. “That I am the protagonist of a videogame would make Teen Me extremely happy. AND a particularly gay one at that “Itsumi Saito, a member of the OFK band, stated on the PlayStation blog. Anyone who has struggled to make a living from their art or break into a field where the odds were stacked against them should be able to relate to the story's central theme. Put on your headphones and prepare to be transported to a digital world of love, music, and texting? We understand your excitement. So far, the developers have revealed the following information about “We Are OFK.”

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When does We Are OFK release?

We Are OFK

This year's Game Awards marked the first time that “We Are OFK” was broadcast, with the titular indie pop group performing its first single, “Follow/Unfollow.” Team OFK announced plans to release the “music biopic game” and accompanying interactive EP at some point in 2022, riding the momentum of the previous year into the following year. Gamers will be able to purchase the Making-of-the-Band series for their PC, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5. Sorry, Xbox users, but it appears that this dreamy indie will only be available on the PlayStation console.

OFK announced on Twitter in October that it had formed a partnership with record label Sony Music Soundtracks in order to bring its EP to life. It's possible to put “Follow/Unfollow” on repeat until the game and the full set of tracks are released if you can't wait. With more than 350,000 plays on Spotify, the song already has a large following, with OFK having 9,762 monthly listeners at the time of this writing. “We Are OFK” is currently available on Steam as a wishlist item.

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Is there a trailer for We Are OFK?

The “Follow/Unfollow” performance by Team OFK at The Game Awards has been followed by the release of two trailers for the game “We Are OFK.” The first trailer, which debuted at E3 2021 and gives a glimpse into the game's narrative, is available now. In the second episode, which was released during the October State of Play, the core characters' chemistry and interactions are shown in greater detail.

The Story Reveal Trailer, which is just over one minute long, introduces the main characters: Itsumi, Luca, Carter, and Jey. He's like “the planet Saturn because he's far away” and Carter is like “a shooting star because they have long sweaters and do wishes.” according to Itsumi. As Luca adds the finishing touches to the picture, Jey is described as “is scary, but in a hot way, and is also a genius, but for your ears.” In addition, the video provides a brief glimpse into the game's gameplay, which includes several pastel-hued locales, text conversations, and a variety of dialogue options.

The State of Play Trailer provides a more in-depth look at the personalities of the members of the band. Luca comes across as a little silly and free-spirited, whereas Jey comes across as more focused and rigid. Itsumi gets things done, despite the fact that she appears to be unsure of herself. A rock in the group, Carter appears to keep things more grounded and to lend assistance when needed. There is no doubt that Team OFK will release additional videos and content in the months leading up to the “We Are OFK” launch.

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What is the gameplay like in We Are OFK?

We Are OFK

“We Are OFK” is a multimedia production that tells the story of OFK's formation through five interactive, animated episodes and five interactive music videos. In Los Angeles, the action begins when Itsumi Saito ends her romantic relationship and relocates downtown to pursue her musical ambitions. The story is set in the present day. At a Hollywood party, she meets a music producer whose star is on the rise, which provides her with the break she needs to finally achieve her ambition of becoming a recording artist.

“Often in video game stories, the antagonist is a dragon, a swordsman, or a corrupted corporation. That's not the kind of story we enjoy reading “The real-life Saito, who was featured on the PlayStation blog, was revealed. “In ‘We Are OFK,' the villain is … the struggles you face trying to create something: imposter syndrome, heartbreak, miscommunication, people with different dreams and priorities.”

The characters have been brought to life by the OFK team, who has provided them with fully voiced dialogue.

Among the key features of “Hyper Light Drifter,” according to creative director Teddy Dief, who is best known for their work on “emotional texting, thirst texting, emoji spamming” are “We Are OFK.” among other things. However, it's unclear what impact, if any, your decisions will have on how the story unfolds because this title seems to fall squarely into the category of “interactive adventure.”