Why You Should Watch Modern Love Season 2?

Comedy and humour are really necessary to light up your boring day. Just think, who wouldn’t want a good smile and a little bit of fun? Well, I guess at least a normal person would love it. Love is an emotion that carries a multitude of expressions with it. You must be thinking, why am I suddenly talking so much of love? Right? Don't worry, I haven't gone mad, it's just that I have read a lot about Modern Love Season 2 that I am in a different zone. 

Sometimes love gives you sadness, emotional pain, and sometimes it changes your life altogether. The happiest day of your life will be the day when you find your true love. But that requires sacrifices, and you have to keep yourself together in the journey. So let’s review a series that is both lovely and put a smile on your face through the comedy pinch. 

Do You Know what is one of the special thing that attracted me towards this series? That one thing(Human) is Kit Harington. Yes Yes our GOT- Game of Thrones Hero, I just love him. This one reason is enough for me to watch this series, What about you?


Modern Love is an American romantic series that was released on Amazon prime in late 2019. The episodes are not that long, about half an hour each. And there are two seasons, the Modern Love Season 2 released on the same platform today that is 13th August 2021, with eight episodes in each of them.

So, you will have enough time to watch other series even after wrapping up the whole two seasons in one weekend. So, What is it about?

Brief Plot Modern Love Season 2

The series explores love in a horde of forms – including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and also self-love. It will change your view on love by making you rethink what love actually is? 

The most interesting thing about the series is if you’re an avid reader of the New York Times or have heard about it, there is a column in the newspaper with the same name from which the stories are taken up.

So, rather than being about only one major love story, you will encounter many different stories. Some really love this concept; others are not big fans of this notion. I will not spoil your fun by telling you the spoilers and describing each episode. That would be way too boring and frustrating; instead, you should watch it yourself, I have just told you the upper layer of it. 

This series is different from other love series or movies like HOMETOWN CHA-CHA-CHA, THE L WORD: GENERATION Q, YOU ARE MY SPRING, or THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER.

Until then, let's know its production story.

 Production Story of Modern Love Season 2

On June 11, 2018, Amazon announced that the project had received a series order for an eight-episode first season. John Carney was slated to film, write, and produce the series. 

Storied Media Group and The New York Times were planned to be involved in the series production.  

Emmy Rossum, Sharon Horgan, and Tom Hall were announced as new directors for the series on November 26, 2018. Horgan and Hall were also slated to direct episodes written by Audrey Wells, while Rossum was set to direct an episode written by Horgan and Hall.


Ratings and Reviews Modern Love Season 2

If we talk about the ratings on IMDb, it has received a solid 8 on 10 stars review. On Google reviews, it has received a 4.8 on 5 ratings with over 1100 reviews as of now. So, it has received a pretty good review and overwhelmingly positive response. 

In rotten tomatoes as well, the series is 75% fresh, but if we look at the audience score, it’s way above that is 86% for the first season.

Final Verdict about Modern Love Season 2

The reviews have given it a green signal, and audiences have given it a green signal as well. So, there is not much to say. This series is a worthwhile watch (as you will see John Snow- Kit Harington). The second best thing that I love{First thing(human) you already know right} about this series is that these are actual love stories from around New York City instead of cinematic dramatization.

The series makers have also not tried to lengthen it to such an extent that it feels boring; it’s just the right length. Every story was given just the right length that was needed. And if you are someone who loves romance, you must definitely give this series a go. You will learn about love from different angles, different viewpoints.

Modern Love Season 2

Wrapping Up

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