Was Grant Wahl Gay: 49-year-old Reporter Died at Qatar World Cup!

Was Grant Wahl Gay? Sports journalist Grant Wahl, who helped popularise the sport in the United States, tragically passed away in Qatar, where he was covering the FIFA World Cup.

Not much is known about his death at this time, however, his brother Eric posted on Instagram that he is gay and that Wahl wore a rainbow shirt earlier in the tournament to show his support for Eric, who is gay and lives in Qatar, where is gay is outlawed.

No one knows for sure what caused Wahl's death, which has understandably left his brother frightened.

Was Grant Wahl Gay?

Wahl's spouse is the American doctor Celine Gounder. Wahl joined FOX Sports in October 2012 after aiding in community initiatives to ensure the safety of opposing teams at the UEFA Euro 2012 earlier that year.

There is no proof that Grant Wahl is gay. On the other hand, soccer writers have taken notice of his advocacy for LGBT rights.

How Did Grant Wahl Die?

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the death remain unknown. However, Eric Wahl, his brother, has expressed concern that something may be awry. Recently, Wahl had been ill, and he had also received death threats after he had spoken out against Qatar's human rights record.

was Grant Wahl gay

According to various news outlets, he collapsed during the World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands and later died at a hospital or while being transported there. He was 48. The U.S. Soccer Federation reported his death on Twitter.

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The brother was healthy,” Eric Wahl emphasized. As far as I know, he was threatened with murder. I refuse to accept that my brother has just died. From what I gather, he was murdered. I'm at my wit's end, and I'll take whatever assistance I can get. To continue, you must determine if Grant Wahl is gay or straight.

Grant Wahl Death Threats

Eric Wahl said in an Instagram post that his brother Grant Wahl had been the target of death threats. Affirmative: “I identify as gay. He was overheard saying, “I am the reason he wore the rainbow shirt (representing the LGBTQ+ community) to the World Cup.”

Eric alluded to wrongdoing by saying, “My brother was healthy.” He revealed to me that he had been threatened with murder. Then he emphasised, “I do not believe that my brother just died. From what I gather, he was murdered. I humbly implore you to provide a hand.”

 The Instagram account of the late journalist's brother (@eewahl) was made private after a video of his post went viral.

Grant Wahl Career Highlights

In 1996, Wahl began his professional career as an intern at the Miami Herald. After that, in November 1996, he started working for Sports Illustrated, where he covered topics related to college soccer and basketball.

He covered eight men's FIFA World Cups, twelve NCAA basketball tournaments, five Olympic Games, and four women's FIFA World Cups over his career. His cover story “Where's Daddy?” about the rise in the number of illegitimate children born to professional athletes catapulted him to prominence, though.

Thereafter, he covered a wide range of profiles and features centered on athletics. Very quickly, he was honored with four Magazine Story of the Year awards from the US Basketball Writers Association. Afterward, in October of 2000, he was elevated to the senior writer at Sports Illustrated.

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As time went on, he became SI.com and the magazine's primary soccer writer. In 2002, he wrote 50 magazine covers and numerous feature stories about high school basketball star LeBron James. Wahl began working for FOX Sports in October 2012, in time to contribute to their coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament.


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