Was Gisele Bundchen Cheating on Tom Brady?

After being married for ten years, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen split up on October 28, 2022. It's been almost two years since they broke up, but their relationship was said to have been having problems before they got divorced in 2022.

Now that Tom Brady's divorce is back in the news, there are rumors that he was cheating on his wife long before the split. His ex-wife had already moved on with her new boyfriend before the divorce process started, which is interesting. Fans are shocked and stunned by this shocking news.

Did Tom Brady Get Cheated on by Giselle Bundchen?

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen was seen kissing her jiu-jitsu teacher and boyfriend, Joaquim Valente, passionately in Miami on Valentine's Day. The Daily Mail says that Tom Brady, the former quarterback for the New England Patriots, has “accepted” that his ex-wife cheated on him for years.

Brady, 46, and Bundchen, 43, got a divorce in October 2022. Since then, they've been raising their three kids together. Being around Valente makes the seven-time Super Bowl winner try to “find the good” in him, but only for the kids' sake.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

They've been together longer than June, but she wants people to think they've only been dating since June. They're not taking it slow. “Tom has agreed,” the Daily Mail said. Everyone forgets that Tom has a lot of experience with all of this from his time with Bridget Moynahan.

“They got married, had a child, and then moved on.” It's going well between him and Gisele, and if Joaquim is going to be in her life forever, he will make sure everything works out for everyone.

Who is Tom Brady dating?

According to multiple sources, Tom Brady is dating Irina Shayk. After posting pictures of the two of them getting close in his car, TMZ broke the news.

Tom Brady is dating Irina Shayk

A story from TMZ said that the model and the former quarterback met at the wedding of Joe Nahmad and model Madison Headrick in Sardinia in June.

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According to a source, “A lot of models were hitting on Tom, and Irina was one of them.” Shayk's rep quickly shot down the claims. Several news sources say that the summer romance is still going strong. People also heard from a source that the model and the former NFL star “have been in touch for a few weeks” and that “there is a spark” between them.

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