Warriors of Future Review – Louis Koo’s Ambitious Project Fails!

Warriors of Future Review: Netflix released Hong Kong sci-fi Warriors of Future. Yuen Fai Ng directs and Ho-Leung Lau, Chi-Leung Law, and Tin Shu Mak write. Show producers Louis Koo and Jacqueline Liu. The 1-hour & 41-minute film was released in August in its native country & is now streaming worldwide. In this article, we will share reviews of Warriors of Future with you guys. Keep scrolling to know more.

The Plot of Warriors of Future

The story's setup is brief & uncomplicated: an alien spaceship crashes to Earth, bringing with it a species or two. Aside from purifying the air, this plant is known for its extraordinary growth patterns. Therefore, if we can master it, it presents both a threat and an opportunity.

More rainfall than typical is the result of climate change-related weather problems. The alien plant is a threat to human life because it rapidly multiplies in the presence of water. Discovered on a quest to prevent the deaths of millions, the finding changes the course of history.

Warriors of Future Review

It has been discovered that there are dangerous extraterrestrial monsters in the area. Commander Sing Lee's elite forces are nearly annihilated as a result. Tai Loi, the sole survivor of the battle, also learns of a much larger scheme.

Spectral, a Netflix science fiction film from 2016, meets Battle: Los Angeles, from 2011, with a dash of Alien thrown. It borrows heavily from other science fiction films, as is the norm. And it acknowledges a select handful of its influences. To be clear, I have no problem with this, but I also have no desire to watch this movie again.

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Warriors of Future: Cast Performance

To put it mildly, the casting in ‘Warriors of Future' is excellent. Louis Koo, who plays Tyler, is fantastic in every scene he's in because he manages to convey nuance and complexity in his performance. Koo plays an extremely delicate role, and she does it brilliantly.

Warriors of Future Review

The action sequences in which Sean Lau, who plays Cheng, participates are particularly noteworthy. The movie also does a good job of showcasing his role as a loyal friend and citizen. The best choices for the remaining roles were Carina Lau (Colonel Tam), Wan Guopeng (Connor), and Nick Cheung (Sean Li).

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Overall Review of Warriors of Future

These long stretches of CGI seem to float by. Movement, running, rolling, and jumping are all possible, and the characters feel as light as air. Because there is no mass, there is no pressure. This sense of weightlessness throws you right out of the movie, especially when the characters are either wearing thick cybernetic armor or are mechanical in every other way.

Thus, the film's action scenes, its primary selling point, come off as a little underwhelming. The renderings appear pretty decent most of the time, but numerous other aspects destroy the illusion. It should be supported by music, cinematography, and the actors' performances. Now we can go on to the actors.

We are sorry to say that the acting isn't great, but maybe Fai Ng isn't an actor's director. That's okay; everyone has their own abilities. However, the performances appear robotic, and the writing stumbles its way through cliché after cliché, leaving the film feeling not only unoriginal but also devoid of any suspense. The movie falls flat because the characters and script take a back seat to the aesthetics.

Warriors of Future Review

Movies are the result of a lot of parts all doing their jobs well together. If even one detail is off, the whole thing falls apart. While the visual finale of Warriors of the Future looks spectacular, it feels more like viewing a video game that you are unable to play than striking the right balance between action and drama.

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The script could have used a few more revisions; there are numerous empty lines of dialogue and a very poor story. Warriors of Future illustrates that Hong Kong, and China in general, are able to generate blockbusters on the same magnitude as in Hollywood. However, it appears that making films in the Hollywood way just leads to frustration. Incorporating these elements into blockbusters that are true to their own narrative sensibilities makes for far more intriguing viewing.


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