Netflix Has Officially Revealed the Release Date for Walker Season 3!

Finally, the wait is over! Sooner than you might expect, Walker season 3 will be on our televisions!

But this information shouldn't be a surprise. The Walker, Texas Ranger revival was so popular that The CW decided to release a prequel series, Walker Independence, in addition to renewing the show for a third season. After all, Walker's first episode, which aired back in 2016, ended up becoming The CW's most-watched series opener.

Nevertheless, no one can equal our excitement. And now that a promotional teaser video has been released, the cast has been identified, and narrative elements are emerging, we're set to go insane.

So, if you're interested in learning more about what Walker season 3 will involve, you're in luck. We covered the plot, release date, and cast of the Western drama, as well as everything else you need to know.

When Will the Third Season of the Walker Come Out?

The third season of Walker will air on The CW on Thursday, October 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Following this season, Walker Independence will premiere. In case you missed it, you may watch it the next day for free on demand by using The CW app.

 There has been no announcement of a UK release date as of yet. This section will be updated, however, as soon as such data becomes accessible.

What Exactly Happens in Walker Season 3?

Odessa Annable, as Geri Broussard, and Jared Padalecki, as Cordell Walker, in Walker, Texas Ranger.

While we don't yet have a narrative for the upcoming season, fans of the show will remember a lot of events from the season two finale.

Geri and Cordell staged a battle with Gale in order to get him to admit to killing Marv, Cordell saved Gale from the flames while he was unconscious, and the Walkers reclaimed their property. Denise also admitted, though obliquely, that she had been the one to cut Cordell's saddle.

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Additionally, the episode featured Geri breaking the news to Cordell that she and he still couldn't be together, Captain James offering Trey a job as a Texas Ranger, and Liam deciding to devote himself fully to the ranch.

Oh, and remember that towards the end of the season finale, a suspicious van had shown up and taken Cordell. There appears to be a wide variety of potential plots for the next episodes to tackle.

Walker Season 3 Cast: Who's in?

Not only will Padalecki, Reyes, and Pierre return for Season 3, but so will the great majority of the other important cast members from the second season. Everyone in Cordell Walker's immediate family will make an appearance: his mom and dad

(Molly Hagan and Mitch Pileggi), his brother Liam (Keegan Allen), and his kids (Violet Brinson and Kale Culley). Coby Bell, who plays Texas Ranger Captain Larry James, and Odette Annable, who plays bartender Geri Broussard, are other recurring cast members.

There are several Davidson family members who will be returning to the show, including Paula Marshall as Gale and Jalen Thomas Brooks as Colton.

walker season 3

Lindsey Morgan, who played Cordell's ex-girlfriend Micki Ramirez, was noticeably absent from the Season 3 cast. Morgan has not been confirmed to return to “Walker” after leaving after the first six episodes of Season 2.

However, a statement from The CW and CBS Studios said that the actress was welcome to return in the future if she so desired (per Collider).

The statement goes something like, “She is a wonderfully gifted actor who will undoubtedly be missed, and of course, we will leave the door open for ‘Micki' to return.”

Walker Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Though we can't yet provide you with the official season 3 trailer, here's a sneak peek. Read the tweet down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Season 3 of Walker Be Available to Stream?

The premiere of Walker Season 3 is set on October 6, 2022.

Where Can I See the Third Season of Walker?

Watch Walker Season 3 on TBA.

How Many Seasons Are There in Walker?

Walker has two seasons remaining as of September 2022.