Jeremiah Johnson, the Viral Football Player Who is Only 12 Years Old

Viral 12-year-old football player: The Daily Mail covered the outlandish claims that 12-year-old American football player Jeremiah Johnson was generating waves in Texas because of his age.
His photo with an under-12s trophy has gone viral, despite the fact that he doesn't look like a typical 12-year-old at all, what with his magnificent mustache and what might be a tattoo on his right arm.
The football star claims to be 12 years old, but there is no way to verify this information, as anyone may take a photo holding a trophy. He is not necessarily a player for the under-12 team only because he has the award.

Social Media Users Are Shocked by Jeremiah Johnson

The internet is in awe of 12-year-old Fort Worth, Texas, running back Jeremiah Johnson, who is big for his age and remarkably mature for his years.

An image of the player with what appears to be facial hair and a tattoo emerged online during the 2022 Youth National Championships in Miami last weekend, where he was named Most Valuable Player, and quickly went viral, according to the New York Post.

Johnson, whose club, Dallas Dragons Elite Academy (DEA), won the title game, is shown here with the trophy he received for being named the tournament's “12U Division 1 Most Valuable Player.”

 Separately, Johnson asserts in a video that he is 12 years old. Johnson is a 12-and-under football player, as indicated by the social media posts made by Generation NEXXT, a youth sports academy based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

However, not everyone online believes the phenom is a pre-teen; in fact, one NFL player has publicly expressed doubts.

Tyreek Hill, a receiver for the Miami Dolphins, said on Twitter, “If that 12-year-old actually 12 my son not playing football, these kids build differently.”

Response to Jeremiah Johnson's Assertion That He is Only 12 Years Old

The comments were full of a surprise after people saw pictures and videos of the “youngster” destroying the teams he faced; one user said, “What on earth lmao, that's ridiculous.”

A second Twitter user expressed doubt, writing, “No way this is real.”

Somebody else chimed up with a clarification: “Unless he was born in a leap year that is not a 12-year-old.”

Another user said, “Dude is inked.” Absolutely no way is he even 12 years old.

It's safe to assume that there are many more comments like that on the linked Twitter post; apparently, some individuals still refuse to accept the fact that Jeremiah Johnson is only 12 years old.

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