Are Double Shot at Love’s Vinny and Akielia Still Together?

Vinny and Akielia still together: DJ Pauly D and Vincent Guadagnino AKA Vinny are the subjects of the MTV reality show “Double Shot At Love,” in which the two men put out romantic efforts. An array of women compete each week to win Pauly and Vinny's affection, but only one can be crowned the winner of the show and the men's hearts.

Stunning contestants have been keeping viewers entertained with their wild actions ever since the show premiered in 2019.

Season 2 saw Pauly D meet his true love in Nikki Hall, and season 3 had them guiding Vinny along his own romantic journey. Vinny suffered a series of heartbreaks in the first two seasons before he found love with Akielia AK Rucker in the third. Akielia went on to win the competition.

Fans were thrilled with the season finale's decision to give Vinny and Akielia's relationship a try after rooting for them the whole time. After the season ended, everyone was left wondering what had become of the couple. What little we do know is spelled out here.

Does Double Shot at Love's Vinny and Akielia Together?

After Season 3 of Double Shot at Love was filmed, Vinny and Akielia were strictly forbidden to see or speak to each other for a considerable amount of time. Where do the two parties stand right now?

Vinny and Akielia are currently not dating. Just one day after the series finale aired, the actor took to social media to give fans an update on his relationship with the show's breakout star.

Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together?

Vinny said on his Instagram stories, “The conclusion you witnessed last night was taped seven months ago. I have maintained communication with “AK.” We're not dating, but I'm glad to call her a friend because she's quite rad. He went on to claim that he had an “open heart and mind” going into the season in the hopes of finding “the one.”

Vinny thinks the show's format is to blame for how difficult it is to find love on it. These “chances at love” are “crazy sociological experiments where you try to pair individuals together in a few weeks,” he remarked. To avoid spoiling the show's denouement, “[you] are then required to not physically encounter the person you picked for seven months” (until the finale).

I think it's great that it is a source of amusement for others,” he went on. Even if it does help people meet each other, it is not a foolproof method for locating a long-term partner. You won't find me on any TV shows, but I promise I'm a real person! But I'm always game for a try!

How Did They Get Along on the Show?

Akielia AK Rucker, a travel nurse, and model aged 28 hail from the little town of Moberly in the state of Missouri. She has also appeared in episodes of seasons 15, 16, and 17 of “Wild ‘N' Out.”

Akielia met Vinny Guadagnino in 2021 while competing in Season 3 of “Double Shot at Love.” There was instant chemistry between Akielia and Vinny, and they kissed for the first time in Season 2 Episode 2.

Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together?

Basketball player Akielia, who played in college, challenges Vinny to a game in which she demonstrates her impressive dribbling skills. Vinny's mum Paula agreed that Akielia was the most beautiful and smart of the finalists because of her goals of finding a long-term partner and starting a family. Vinny's mother's preference for Akielia helped propel her to the final three of Season 3 along with Emily “Peachy” Piccinonno and Erika DeVito.

Despite his belief that he already had a long-term connection with Akielia, viewers witnessed Vinny discard the other two contestants before asking her for a “little” chance at love. Although he had reservations about Akielia's sincerity and was afraid of being hurt, he decided to give them a try.

Given how little time they had spent together, Akielia was understandably nervous about being his last opportunity. Nonetheless, she accepted, and the finale concluded with the three of them going on a double date with Pauly D and Nikki.

Is There a Chance They'll Come Back Next Season?

The upcoming fifth season of “Jersey Shore” will feature Vinny's return to the cast, and Akielia was recently seen on “Wild ‘N' Out” for the first time in the holiday episode. An appearance by Vinny is also in the works.

Despite the fact that Akeilia is one of Vinny's followers on Instagram, Vinny does not currently follow Akeilia. Seeing as the rest of the show was shot months before the conclusion, Akielia and Vinny never got the chance to interact with one another during that time, and as a result, their bond was broken.

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