Viking Wolf Ending Explained: What Happens To Thale?

Stig Sevendson's “Viking Wolf” recycles tired conventions from countless other werewolf movies. Nothing about this story suggests it was written with the intention of being a unique creative effort.

The film isn't awful to see, but it's also not that interesting, and you can probably guess what's going to happen within the first few minutes if you pay attention. In this article, we will discuss “Viking Wolf Ending Explained”. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Viking Wolf Plot Synopsis

The first few minutes of Viking Wolf are spent going back in time a little bit. A Viking leader named Gudbrand the Grim led a fleet of 20 ships to Normandy in the year 1050, as detailed in the on-screen text.

They found a hidden room while looting an abbey there and entered it over the protests of the monks. They brought the tiny but ferocious dog back to Norway with them after discovering it inside.

The Vikings suffered the price for not realizing that they had let loose a hound from hell. As the ship landed in the Nordic forest, the beast slaughtered everyone on board. Later in the story, we meet Thale, a shy 17-year-old who lives with her mother Liv, deaf sister Jenny, and stepfather Arthur in the present day.

Viking Wolf Ending Explained

Following a text from classmate Jonas, she slips out of the building to meet him. Thale runs into Jonas and a few other students from her school while exploring the woods. It turns out that she left the bustling metropolis of Oslo for the quieter environs of Nybo.

Elin Gran interrupts Thale and Jonas when they are having a conversation. Thale decides to stroll back, and she quickly whisks Jonas away for some alone time. Jonas and Elin are chatting in the woods as night falls, and Thale overhears them.

She sets out on her way but is interrupted by a loud yell. Thale turns and finds Elin is hurt, so he rushes over to tend to her. Jonas is nearby, also bleeding, and then the worst happens. Thale is attacked by a monster, who then abducts Elin.

The cops arrive, and soon the situation is under their control (and Liv's as well). They dispatch a search party to find Elin, who turns out to be the mayor's daughter. As of the following day, Thale has been seeing visions and general weirdness.

Meanwhile, police question all the kids who were in the woods and determine that a wolf was the perpetrator. It becomes so crazy that they end up bringing back a claw they found there. Thale and her mother had a strained relationship due to Thale's animosity toward her mother for relocating to this town after her father's death.

She thinks that now that Liv is with Arthur, she doesn't really miss him. Elin's body is discovered in the woods & later retrieved. The coroner comments that no typical wolf could have caused such horrific injuries & an autopsy shows the full extent of the tragedy.

As Thale's visions deteriorate, Liv sends for a vet from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science to examine Elin. Lars Broden, a man who visits Liv the following day, brings up the word “lycanthrope” in conversation.

Their prey, he says, is a werewolf & he has spent his entire life tracking it down. Liv doesn't trust him, so Lars politely excuses himself, saying he'll wait for them at the hunting grounds. But he does give her a few silver bullets to protect herself with.

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Meanwhile, Willaim, the vet, arrives & does an autopsy on Elin. He says the assailant was a wolf, but the exceptionally huge claw was discovered. With this information in hand, a hunting party sets out to track down the beast.

Viking Wolf Ending Explained: What Happens To Thale?

Thale was bitten by a werewolf on the same night Elin was assaulted. She began experiencing disturbing visions whose meaning she could not decipher. Her shoulder wound was also taking its sweet time to mend, and she frequently felt queasy and nauseous as a result. They had no idea that Thale was secretly changing into a werewolf.

During the time that Thale couldn't control her hunger for blood and ate Jonas, she was with him. When the police arrived, they discovered Jonas's dead body and Thale had gone into hiding. Meanwhile, Thale, who had gone into hiding, boarded a bus, only to undergo a full transformation into a werewolf during the course of her ride.

Viking Wolf Ending Explained

She began slaughtering the bus's occupants, at which point Liv was alerted and quickly made her way to the Nybo tunnel. When Liv looked closely, she saw that her own daughter had become a werewolf. As a result of her daughter's transformation into a murderous psychopath, the mother was placed in an extremely difficult position.

Thale, who could not keep his emotions in check, went to her own home. Jenny stared at the wolf and knew it was her sister the moment they locked eyes. Being in Jenny's company soothed Thale, and it appeared as though she could control her aggression without harming Jenny.

After escaping the house with Jenny, Arthur crashed his car and passed out from the blood loss. Jenny confronted her sibling once more, and this time it seemed as though she would be able to rein her in. On this occasion, though, Liv and William were there to use a tranquillizer gun to kill the werewolf.

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It had little effect on the predator, and Thale continued to charge. Lars Brodin tried to hurt the werewolf by driving his caravan into it at high speed, but he was killed along with his passengers when the beast fled away. Liv realised that Thale, who had been brought to the forensics lab, had to be slain to prevent her from attacking anybody else.

Likely, she shot her own daughter using the silver bullets that Lars had given her. When Liv finally returned, she placed the silver bullet in front of her daughter's picture to honour her memory. The final moments of “Viking Wolf” are bittersweet, but it's feasible that we'll see another diseased person wreaking havoc in Nybo in the sequel, should there be one.