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Vesper Movie: Release Date, Cast Members, Plot and Trailer

A new trailer for the film Vesper has been unveiled by IFC Films in anticipation of the film’s debut in the Crystal Globe Competition of the 56th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which will take place in one month.

The science fiction thriller directed by Kristina Buozyte of Lithuania and Bruno Samper of France will also be released in cinemas and via video on demand (VOD).

The Official Trailer For the Movie Vesper

The official teaser trailer, seen below, will allow you to glimpse the upcoming film.

Samper, Buozyte, and Brian Clark are the authors of the screenplay for Vesper. Buzozyte previously directed and co-wrote the script for the film Vanishing Waves (2012) with Samper.

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They were produced by Daiva Varnait-Jovaien and AstaLiukaityt of Lithuania, as well as Alexis Perrin, a veteran of the visual effects industry and producer from France. The Lithuanian production firm Natrix Natrix, the French production company Rumble Fish Productions, the Belgian production business 10.80 Films, and EV.L Prod. are the producers of the European co-production.

The Cast of the Movie Vesper

  • Raffiella Chapman (The Theory of Everything)
  • Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Rosy McEwen (The Alienist)
  • Richard Brake

The Official Sypnosis of the Movie Vesper

Vesper Movie
Vesper Movie

You will find the official summary below for your perusal.

“The film is set after the collapse of the Earth’s ecology (Brake). The film follows Vesper (Chapman), a feisty 13-year-old girl who utilizes her survival abilities to exist amid the ruins of a weird and hazardous world with her dying father, Darius. When Vesper discovers a mysterious woman, Camellia (McEwen), alone and disoriented after an aerial crash, she offers to assist Camellia in finding her missing companion in exchange for safe passage to the Citadel. In this dark central hub, oligarchs live in comfort thanks to state-of-the-art biotechnology. Vesper agrees to do this in business for safe transportation. As time passes, Vesper learns that her vicious next-door neighbor, Jonas (Marsan), is on the hunt for Camellia. Camellia is keeping a secret that has the potential to alter all of their lives irrevocably. Because she was coerced into a difficult journey, Vesper is going to have to depend on her wits and her skills as a bio-hacker to find a way to access another future.”

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The Release Date of the Movie Vesper

Vesper Movie
Vesper Movie

On September 30, 2022, Vesper will be available both in cinema theatres and as a video-on-demand streaming service.

Vesper is a Compelling Sci-fi Survival Story

Vesper Movie
Vesper Movie

“immersive and compelling sci-fi survival story” is how the filmmakers have characterized Vesper. When the acquisition was announced at Deadline, it was noted that IFC Films had purchased the film because they were impressed by the novel ideas that Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper bring to the table with the new movie.

It is also said that IFC Films purchased the film because they were impressed by the unique ideas that Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper bring to the table with the new movie.

“Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper have developed an immersive and intense sci-fi survival narrative with a wide palette,” said Arianna Bocco, President of IFC Films, in a statement.

Their imaginative outlook on the future places them in a position as intriguing new voices, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver this film to viewers in September.

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In addition, Buozyte and Samper stated, “IFC Films is responsible for distributing in the United States several films that are considered to be among the most innovative and risky in the past twenty years.

We developed Vesper as a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience for the big screen. Because they are real enthusiasts and active advocates of the theatrical experience, we could not be more delighted to collaborate with them to deliver the picture to the broadest possible audience.”

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