Vanitas no Carte Chapter 59 Release Date, Recap and Where To Read!

The dejection Astolfo felt in Vanitas no Carte Chapter 58 broke my heart. When Astolfo lost his parents and sister, it was a devastating blow to his already fragile psyche. Astolfo takes up the scissors and attempts suicide after being provoked by those who are repulsed by him, labeling him a traitor and blaming him for the deaths of his loved ones.

Astolfo's survival through both his fight with the vampires and his suicide attempt came as a shock to everyone. At the beginning of this chapter, as Archivestes is out and about, she runs across an old friend who has returned under a new alias.

A series antagonist, “The Comte De Saint Germaine” is a mysterious figure who calls himself an observer as well. Astolfo's bad luck made him want death, but the advice of a kind Paladin changed his mind, and he decided to become a Paladin in order to exact his own brand of vengeance.

The Paladin advises Astolfo to make retribution his driving force despite the fact that his body bears the signs of vampires. Fans adore Vanitas no Carte for its gorgeous visual style and memorable characters, and Astolfo's adventure has only begun.

If you, too, can't wait to find out what Astolfo decides, and if you'd like to know when the next chapter of this manga will be released, you've come to the right spot. To ensure our readers never miss an update, we will discuss when and where they may read Vanitas no Carte, as well as summarize the events of the previous chapters.

Vanitas no Carte Chapter 59 Release Date

The release of Vanitas no Carte Chapter 59 is scheduled for 02:00 JST, May 30, 2023.

Vanitas no Carte Chapter 59 Release Date

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Vanitas no Carte Chapter 58!

Beginning with a nostalgic flashback to the previous chapter of Vanitas no Carte, we watch the characters' cheeks light up and smile as they recall the many good times they've spent together. When summoned, archivists can be found wandering the premises.

She turns to discover a mysterious yet somewhat familiar person standing behind her. She is taken aback, but then the mysterious man with the new identity The Comte De Saint Germaine is revealed. They settle in for some quality time together by swapping tales.

Vanitas no Carte Chapter 59 Release Date

Astolfo flashes back to the day when his father gave him a knife to slay Vampires, recalling his fear and revulsion at the thought. His mom has always told Astolfo that he's a good boy, and she hopes he'll appreciate that when he's older.

Astolfo's Vampire-loving nature backfires, landing him in the ICU. Astolfo gasps and asks the doctor whether his sister is still alive as Olivier is called in. Gano abruptly appears and rudely informs him that everyone is dead due to his own stupidity.

While someone throws scissors at Astolfo, Olivier strikes Gano for his rudeness. Astolfo picks up the scissors and stabs himself in the back, but he recovers. An attractive Paladin requests that Astolfo be brought to him since he is having nightmares.

Astolfo learns from the Paladin that he survived and decides to turn into a vampire to exact his vengeance. Charles, the Paladin, tells Astolfo about his own experience with a desecrated body and urges him to keep fighting.

Where To Read Vanitas no Carte Chapter 59 Online?

Square Enix formally released Vanitas no Carte, and it was serialized in the Gangan Joker Magazine. Yen Press hosts the manga for your reading pleasure.

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