Vanessa Bayer Net Worth 2022: When Did Vanessa Bayer Join SNL?

She is an actor and comedian from the United States, born Vanessa Polster Bayer in 1981. From 2010 through 2017, she was a cast member of Saturday Night Live, earning an Emmy nomination. Actors such as Trainwreck and Carrie Pilby have also appeared in Bayer's filmography (2018).

Early Life

When Vanessa Polster Bayer was born on November 14, 1981, she was raised in Orange, Ohio. She grew up in a Reform Jewish family with her mother Carolyn, father Todd, and brother Jonah. Jonah is a musician and music writer, and he and Vanessa co-host the “How Did We Get Weird?” podcast; they also co-created the online series ” Sound Advice.” When Bayer was 15, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted her wish to visit Hawaii with her family. In 2016, Bayer had a conversation with us “I wasn't particularly terrified,” she told People magazine about her struggle with leukemia.

The jokes we made about my leukemia were made by my dad, who is a really amusing person. Whenever my buddies came over, we'd make light of it as well. It's a little twisted up when taken out of context, but it was comforting to everyone. Being unwell is the reason I went into comedy.” Cancer treatments forced Vanessa to miss the conclusion of her freshman year at Orange High School. Then she went to the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied French and communication, graduating in 2004. As a college student, Bayer secured internships on “Late Night with Conan O'Brien” and “Sesame Street,” and she joined the sketch comedy company Bloomers.


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Vanessa studied improvisation at The Second City, ImprovOlympic, and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, among other places. The Second City gave her a lead role in “Jessica: The Musical,” and she studied at ImprovOlympic with her future “SNL” co-star Paul Brittain. After appearing in the short film “Stages of Emily” (2010), Bayer participated in “Off the Cuff,” which was shot in Chicago in 2009.

For the 2012–2013 season, she was elevated to full-fledged cast member from featured player on “Saturday Night Live” in 2010. Vanessa was recognized for her roles as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy and Laura Parsons, as well as her Miley Cyrus imitation, during her tenure in the program. By the time Bayer departed the program in 2017, she had featured in more than 140 episodes. Since then, she's appeared in a number of movies and television shows, including.

Vanessa Bayer

“The Mindy Project,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” “Man Seeking Woman,” and even “Modern Family,” where she voiced Dr. Jill Stein-Awesome-Kaplan, created by former “SNL” head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers. She also appeared in the 2012 film “Adventures in the Sin Bin,” and the 2016 film “Carrie Pilby.”

In 2015, Vanessa co-starred in the Judd Apatow-directed film “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer and “SNL” veteran Bill Hader, which made $140.8 million against a $35 million budget. Her next picture, “Office Christmas Party,” with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, brought in $114.5 million at the box office. As Carrie Nation, Mary Gillespie, and Martha the Mouth, Bayer participated in three episodes of “Drunk History” in 2016 and 2019, as well as in the 2017 biographical comedy film starring Jack Black.

Vanessa Bayer's Net Worth

In addition to acting, Vanessa Bayer is a stand-up comedian and a writer. As a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” (2010–2017), she received an Emmy nomination, and she also created and acted in “Sound Advice” (2013–2015). She's appeared in over 40 films and television shows, including “Trainwreck,” “Office Christmas Party,” “Ibiza,” “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar,” and “Barb and Star Go to Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” among others (2020).

Vanessa Bayer

Along with “Despicable Me 2,” she's voiced “The Awesomes,” “The Simpsons,” and more (2017). It was reported in July 2021 that Bayer and Molly Shannon will feature in the Showtime comedy series “I Love This For You.” Aside from serving as an executive producer, Vanessa was also a co-creator of the show.

Personal Life

For the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Vanessa was motivated by her own personal experience with leukemia to get involved as an adult and throw a dinner to collect money for the charity in 2015. Of her work with the charity, she stated, “To be able to repay a charity that had been so kind to me through a trying period was an incredible feeling. It was an incredible feeling to be a part of making the wishes of other children come true in the same manner that I was able to.

Vanessa Bayer

Much more poignantly, the event was made even more meaningful by the presence of my family and my wish granter, who were both in attendance.” For children and adults alike, Bayer's new book, “How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear?” is touted as “a charming picture book with guidance for youngsters… and adults.”

Award Nominations

For her work on “Saturday Night Live,” Bayer was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. For her work on the show, she received a 2014 American Comedy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as nominations for Best Female Performance in a Fiction Program (2014-2015) and Best Female Performance in a Variety Program (2015-2016). (2017). “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” guest star Vanessa was nominated for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series at the International Online Cinema Awards in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vanessa Bayer up to?

Next month, the half-hour comedy series will air for the first time. Vanessa Bayer has starred in guest and supporting parts on shows including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Shrill, What We Do in the Shadows and Trainwreck since her appearance on Saturday Night Live. I Love That For You, the actress's Showtime original will debut in the fall.

When did Vanessa Bayer join SNL?

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Vanessa Bayer (born November 14, 1981) is an American actress and comedienne.

Did Vanessa Bayer ever break?

The role Bayer portrayed was one of Michael's buddies, which is unusual for him because he usually stays in character. As Armisen and Sudeikis' over-the-top antics continued, she struggled vainly to hold back her laughter.