Uragun Is Delayed Until April!

Kool2Play stated today that the development of its mech shooter, Uragun, will take a few of weeks longer than previously planned, putting the game's release date back to April 12 from March 31.


Using lethal weapons and upgrades that become available as you move through the game, Uragun will put your abilities and reflexes to the test.

Uragun Story

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, players take on the role of a dangerous yet endearing Mech who has awakened to find a planet dominated by a corrupt AI.


The quest for your lost pilot and buddy will take you to a variety of breathtaking settings, including a desolate Barcelona, an overgrown and futuristic Hong Kong, and mines hidden deep into the cold gorges of North America, among other places.

Uragun Trailer


Combat in the game is difficult and fast-paced, and you will need to master it if you want to survive.

As a result, you'll be able to obtain additional weaponry, ranging from shotguns and automatic rifles to plasma boomerangs and rocket launchers, which will provide you with plenty of customization options as well as a fighting chance against your opponents.

What was the cause of the delay?

As a result of feedback gathered during the Uragun demo at Steam Next Fest, the Kool2Play team determined that a minor delay was necessary for final features and bug fixes, and the game's release date has been pushed back to two weeks.

Because of the input from the Steam Next Fest, the game's development team has been able to make necessary adjustments in time for its official release


It is planned for Uragun to launch as an early access title, with the goal of developing on the game's original foundation as a result of input from the gaming community.

Players will be treated to great gameplay, including a diverse range of adversaries and weapon kinds, as well as the first significant boss battles.

Final Words

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