Who is in the Cast of Upload Season 2?

Upload Season 2 Cast: Stars Robbie Amell and Andy Allo, as well as a number of supporting actors, are back for season 2 of Upload. There are also some new names on the cast list. Less than two years after its first season on Amazon, the dystopian comedy Upload is back for a second season with the same mix of humor and suspense that made it one of the most unique shows on the streaming platform.

The second season of Upload follows Nathan Brown's search for the truth about how he died, which was a major theme of the first season. The main cast of season 2 of Upload isn't very big, but the few main characters are enough to make viewers care about each one.

Most of the cast from the first season of Greg Daniel's comedy, where death doesn't mean all that much, got to come back for the second season. Here are the actors who will be back for season 2 of Upload, as well as the new ones.

Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown

Robbie Amell started his career when he was very young, appearing in movies like Cheaper by the Dozen 2. He is best known for playing Firestorm in the Arrowverse and Fred in Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins and Scooby-Doo!

Upload Season 2 Cast

The Lake Monster's Curse. Amell is often seen in comedies like Picture This and D.U.F.F. His most recent role was as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which came out in 2021.

Andy Allo as Nora

Upload Season 2 Cast

Andy Allo is an actress and singer who used to be in the band that backed up Prince. Serenity in Pitch Perfect 3 was her first big role. Allo played Lieutenant Wendy Seager on the TV show Chicago Fire. In the upcoming movie Soul Assassin, she will be paired with Legends of Tomorrow's Dominic Purcell and action star Bruce Willis.

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Allegra Edwards as Ingrid Kannerman

Upload Season 2 Cast

At the end of season 1, Nathan's ex-girlfriend Ingrid was said to have died and been uploaded to Lakeview. In season 2, she is back. Allegra Edwards plays Ingrid. Most recently, she was on the TV show Briarpatch with Rosario Dawson, who plays Ahsoka Tano.

Kevin Bigley as Luke

Luke, Nathan's best friend, is also back for season 2 of Upload. At the start of season 2, Luke finally sees Nathan again after being alone for months. Nathan was his only friend in Lakeview.

Upload Season 2 Cast

Luke is still one of the funniest people in Upload, and his conversations with Aleesha make for more funny scenes. Kevin Bigley plays Luke. He is best known for doing voice work on shows like American Dad and BoJack Horseman.

Zainab Johnson as Aleesha

Upload Season 2 Cast

Nora's coworker also comes back for season 2 of Upload. Aleesha is still one of Horizon's best workers even though she has a long list of complaints from clients, mostly from Luke. Zainab Johnson, who is best known for her stand-up comedy background, plays Aleesha.

William B. Davis as David Choak

Upload Season 2 Cast

Nathan's neighbor, a billionaire, is still an important part of season 2 of Upload. The character's greed and strange eating habits are still important parts of his personality, but Nathan's plans could benefit from his wealth. William B. Davis plays David Choak. He is best known for playing the Cigarette-Smoking Man on X-Files.

Josh Banday as Ivan Spelich

Upload Season 2 Cast

Ivan Spelich is an angel in Lakeview, and Josh Banday plays him. Ivan will have to deal with a new customer who is very picky, just like every other worker at Horizon. Banday has been in comedies like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Murderville.” He can also be seen in “Pam and Tommy” and “Murderville.”

Upload Season 2 New Characters

Paulo Constanzo as Matteo

Upload Season 2 Cast

One of the most importantly new people in season 2 of Upload is Matteo, who is played by Paulo Constanzo. The character is part of a group that is against technology and companies like Horizon. He or she is also Nora's new crush. Constanzo is best known for playing Lyor Boone on the show Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland.

Mackenzie Cardwell as Tinsley

Upload Season 2 Cast

Tinsley is the name of a new temporary worker at Horizon. The character has taken Nora's place and is learning how to handle uploads from Aleesha. Mackenzie Cardwell plays Tinsley. He or she has been in Words and Pictures and Little Fish before.